We Will Always Remember

Avon Remembers September 11

A September 11 Memorial Service was hosted by the City of Avon Monday morning as safety forces and guests gathered to remember the events of 16 years ago. The lowering of flags to half staff at sunrise served as an elo-quent tribute of remembrance.

The City of Avon gathered at the community’s Firefighter’s Memorial, “The Last Alarm” stationed on the community’s Fire Department grounds along Detroit Road on Monday.

Services honored those who lost their lives in the terror attacks that rocked our nation on Sept. 11, 2001 as hijacked commercial airliners crashed into New York City’s Twin Towers, the Pentagon and in a Pennsylvania field.

The events of that day changed the lives of Americans forever, but also firmed this country’s resolve to never bow to fear or the threat of attack.

For those reasons, and especially to honor the fallen, the City of Avon hosted this special ceremony. Opening with The Star Spangled Banner by the Avon High Chamber Group under the direction of Emilio Jarufe, a single police officer and firefighter approach the memorial’s flag staffs to lower the country’s colors to half-staff at sunrise.

The Last Alarm Memorial at Avon Fire Station dedicated on Sept. 11, 2011 is dedicated to the memory of all firefighters that have died for the life and safety of others.

Pastor David Woolsey of Faith Lutheran Church offered the invocation and Ptl. Pat Sullivan played Amazing Grace with traditional bagpipes. Fire Chief Frank Root then read the Joint Resolution of Congress designated 9-11 of each year as Patriot Day. Police Chief Richard Bosley followed with a reading of the Sept. 11, 2017 Proclamation recognizing the day.

Avon Firefighter and Police Officer lowered the flag to half staff at sunrise.

Mayor Bryan Jensen offered keynote remarks, recalling the sacrifices of safety forces who gave their lives that day as well as honoring those who serve today.

The Holy Trinity School Choir finalized proceedings with a stirring delivery of “Rise Up” featuring soloist Clare Fox. Assistant Chief Michael Emling then executed The Last Alarm, a symbolic ringing of the handbell on the city’s vintage fire truck. Avon Police Chaplain Jeffery Phail ended ceremonies with a closing prayer. We will never forget!

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Avon High School Chamber Choir sings the “Star Spangled Banner”

Holy Trinity School Choir sings “Rise Up”

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