WEST SHORE BLUES: The Best of the Beats

Attempted Swindle Foiled in Bay

A Narragansett resident called Bay Village Police to say his wife was the victim of an attempted swindle on Sept. 5 at 5:28 p.m.  The female had received a voice mail at her place of employment in Lakewood requesting she call the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office. She called the number and left her cell phone number. About an hour later, an official sounding male called. He did not have a foreign sounding accent and spoke as if he was in law enforcement. He explained that the victim had failed to show up for a jury summons for a Lucas County Federal Court case. The victim tried to explain that she had not received anything in the mail and besides, she lives in Cuyahoga County. The caller was able to convince the female that there was an active warrant for her arrest, but if she could get $3,000 to Toledo, the warrant would be cleared in the next 30-45 days. When the victim said she did not have that kind of money the caller said he would settle for $1,400. The victim first went to her bank, but it was closed. The male told her she could purchase money vouchers. He named several stores, most notably CVS as potential places where the vouchers are sold. The victim told the male she needed to call her husband, but the scammer said if she did not stay on the line with him and if she were to hang up, the warrant would go through. Fortunately, the victim had to stop at her home where she met her husband. He correctly suspected the call to be fraudulent. The Bay Village Police would like to remind the public that if there is a warrant for your arrest a phone call is not made in an attempt to collect money.


A simple traffic stop in Bay Village on Sept. 9 yielded the jackpot for the 36-year old Cleveland driver who was found to have a gun, grass, ammo, booze and pipe in the car. The action started at 1:44 a.m. when an officer observed a dark colored Chevrolet traveling eastbound on Lake Road at 26 MPH. Other traffic violations were noted before the officer initiated a traffic stop at Dover Center and Wolf. Observations of the driver and sole occupant indicated he was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. He refused to comply with any roadside testing stating, “I know you are going to tow my car and I am going to jail.” The 36-year old male from Cleveland was arrested for OVI and his vehicle was towed. During the search of his person, subsequent to arrest, a plastic baggie of marijuana was located in a pants pocket. The vehicle was inventoried for the tow and officers found; a .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun with a magazine containing 8 rounds, an unsealed bottle of vodka (approximately half full), a multi-colored glass marijuana pipe, and two loose rounds of ammunition (one .38 and one 9mm). After the arresting officer left with the prisoner, the officer on scene continued to complete the vehicle inventory, subsequently locating a ROSSI .38 special revolver, loaded with four rounds, in a hidden compartment. This gun had been entered as stolen by Detroit (MI) PD in June of 2015. At the station, the prisoner seemed to have a bulge in his mouth. He was asked to open his mouth and approximately 10 breath mints were found inside. The male is still in our jail at this time awaiting appearance before a judge or magistrate.


Fairview Police responded to a W 224 St address on a reported fraud on Sept. 24. The victim had been talking with a female and in the course of several conversations, had divulged personal information. He was sent several checks for over $2500 and was told to cash them and either wire money or buy iTunes cards. He cashed one of the checks, which subsequently bounced. Now he is being contacted constantly by people claiming to be lawyers or with the FBI, and has to pay back the money from the check. Investigation continuing.

‘Intoxified’ Pedestrian Arrested in Westlake

Singer John Denver used to sing that West Virginia was ‘almost heaven.” A self-admitted ‘intoxified’ pedestrian in Westlake on Sept. 2 altered the lyrics a bit and thought he was in either Avon or his methadone treatment center. The 40 year old  Cleveland man was walking along Detroit Rd. and appeared to be impaired by drugs. He described himself as “intoxified” to the patrol officers. He was arrested for DCI and expressed concern about his bicycle and/or vehicle, neither of which he was operating.

Boy Wrecks Gramma’s Car

A 17 year old Cleveland boy driving his grandmother’s 2014 Kia Soul wrecked it on Dover Center Rd. He had taken it without permission on Sept. 3 and fled from Sheffield Lake and Bay Village PDs before entering Westlake. WPD deployed stop sticks which he avoided, but he ended up crashing into a pedestrian signal and giving up. He was cited for Speeding, NOL, Driving w/o headlights, Marked Lanes, Traffic Control Devices, Failure to Control, Curfew, and Fleeing.  There goes the birthday money!

Woman Goes Nuts

A 22 year old Lorain woman was arrested for OVI on Sept. 3 on I-90 in Avon. A caller had reported her to be swerving all over the road. She put up a good fight at the scene and in the jail by screaming, kicking, spitting, scratching, and trying to bite officers. She then pulled her pants down and threatened to urinate and defecate in the cruiser. She must have gotten tired and then went limp for a spell. She faces OVI, Resisting Arrest, and Assaults on a Police Officer. She reported possibly bumping her head on a car window and was treated and released at St. John Medical Center.

Cabbie Stiffed

A 29 year old Rocky River man stiffed a cabbie on a $45 fare on Sept. 3. He ran off on Grande Ct. but was subsequently IDed and a Petty Theft warrant was sought. He did it again on Sept. 6 when he skipped out on a $100 fare on Regency Cr. 2 warrants were issued; they were served during a Sept 7 traffic stop where he was a passenger in the car. He also had a hypo with him, resulting in a Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments charge.

Computer Ruse

A Bonny Bank Dr. woman paid $249 this past spring and another $500 in July to callers who purported to install anti-virus protection on her Weestlake computer. After another call in late August asking for $380 more to protect her computer, she became suspicious and hung up. She came to the station on Sept. 5 to report the frauds and will work with her bank to try to get her money back. There is no evidence that anything of value was received for the funds expended.

Avon Lake Assault Breaks Car Window

Two subjects on Walker Rd. in Avon Lake traveling Eastbound waiting for light to turn green on Aug. 25 at 8:45 p.m. were approached by a man from Speedway running and yelling profanities. Subject reached through passenger side window and assaulted passenger of vehicle then went to drivers side window and attempted to assault driver. When subject left he hit the windshield cracking it. He ran back to Speedway and got into his vehicle when victims followed the Suspect from Speedway down S.R. 83 to Webber to Crossings way where they waited at Weiss Park for officers to arrive.

Website “Employer” Costs Avon Lake Man $2K

On 8/28/2017 a resident came to the Avon Lake Police Department in reference to a theft by deception complaint. According to the victim, they met a subject on an employment web site, who sent them a check for nearly $3000 dollars. Upon cashing the check, the victim was directed by the suspect to wire part of the money to other parties for “work supplies”. The victim wired nearly $2500 dollars to unknown parties before being advised by their bank, that check they had cashed bounced because it was from a fraudulent account. This incident is currently under investigation.

Bug Stops Traffic

A Beetle impaired traffic in Avon Lake last week, ending up in a ticket for its driver. On 09/01/17 at 0040 hrs, two Rockwood Court residents contacted Avon Lake Police to report a subject was yelling obscenities in the area and causing a disturbance. As officers arrived in the area, a silver 2014 Volkswagen Beetle was observed to be stopped perpendicular in the street in manner that made it impassable. Officers then observed the a male occupant to be slumped over the steering wheel. Once the male awoke, he began acting belligerent and he appeared to be hallucinating. As a result, an Avon Lake man was charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs, OVI refusal with prior conviction, and failure to maintain reasonable control. He is to appear at the Avon Lake Municipal Court on 09/05/17 at 0830 hrs. Patton’s towed the vehicle from the scene.

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