The Stiletto Diaries: Diaper Dust Up is Bad News for Crocker Road SUV

The Stiletto Diaries. What a great name for a Mickey Spillane thriller.

Too bad for one SUV owner in Westlake, however, it was just a dust up over diaper money that police say resulted in over $7000 in damages to an SUV in a Crocker Road parking lot last week.

As the story goes, the meeting between the heels and and alleged heel took place on Sept. 8 when a 28 year old Avon woman took her stiletto heels to a 2005 Ford Explorer, causing $7677 in damages.

The car is reported to be owned by the current wife of the woman’s 32-year old ex-husband from Lorain. They met in Crocker Road parking lot. But, it wasn’t jealousy that provoked the attack on the car.

“The female was dissatisfied with the amount of diaper money the male gave her and damaged the SUV’s body,” say Police.

It was later discovered that the female had also hit the male, say Police.  The City Prosecutor will review the matter.



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