WHS TechMates Participate in Engineering Activity Day at CSU

Trash Slider Challenge – Ethan Simon group

Students in the Westlake High School TechMates Club (Technology & Engineering Department) participated in the Engineering Activity Day at the Cleveland State University Washkewicz College of Engineering recently.

After being treated to a continental breakfast to start the day, the students listened to a presentation on “What Engineers Do?” by Gregg Schoof, Manager of the Engineering Student Programs. Kyle Stephens, mechanical engineering student, and Megan Keleman, computer science student, also contributed to the discussion.

New Engineering Building Tour – girls team

Students then went outside and next door to walk the site of the almost-completed engineering building, led by one of the project managers from Gilbane Construction. The new engineering building will house several meeting rooms, classrooms, labs, and will be anchored by the centrally located “Fab Lab”. The new building is expected to open before the end of the year.

After the tour, the students went back inside and broke up into groups to participate in an engineering activity called “Trash Sliders.” The objective of this activity was to design a “slider” out of trash that can race down an incline as quickly as possible while losing the fewest marbles. It also taught them how to work together in a team and solve a simple problem with a limited amount of materials.

Scott Rennard testing the driving simulator

Next, a student panel of various engineering majors answered a variety of questions and discussed the average day in the life of a college engineering student, including how they handled the academic workload, the benefits of joining engineering clubs, and how they were inspired to major in engineering while still a high school student.

Another unique and pertinent activity students participated in was the driving simulator, directed by civil engineering professor Dr. Jacqueline Jenkins. Select students got to try their hand at driving a vehicle under simulated conditions, such as through city streets, out in the country, or in icy conditions.

To conclude the day, other CSU engineering students took the TechMates on a campus tour, showing them all aspects of college life while at Cleveland State University. The Engineering Activity Day event was organized by Schoof and Hannah Rosen, coordinator and head of recruitment and Engineering Student Programs at the Cleveland State University Washkewicz College of Engineering.

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