Grandma Scam Foiled in Bay

Evil incarnate – that’s what these phone scam predators are!

A Bay Village senior citizens had the bejabbers scared out of herself on Sept. 17 when she received a phone call indicating her grandson was in jail on ‘suicide watch’ and she needed to send money to pay for his fines.

The frightened grandma called Bay Village Police and reported that the caller told her to go to a Target store and purchase gift cards.

Fortunately, a different grandson intervened before she called the fraudster in order to give the gift card ID numbers.

The officer dispatched explained to her how this swindle works. Once she determined the grandson was safe and not in jail, she returned the gift cards to Target and received a refund of her money.

Please know this, no bona fide governmental agency accepts gift card ID’s as a form of payment, report Bay Police.

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