Huntington Woods Lunch & Learn: Bladder Problems & Incontinence

Medical lecturer Tom Strong speaks about bladder problems and incontinence at Huntington Woods last Tues-day.

What causes urinary incontinence and loss of bladder control?

Medical lecturer Tom Strong, a Westlake resident, explained how bladder issues can become troublesome at a Lunch & Learn program held at Huntington Woods Care and Rehabilitation in Westlake Tuesday.

Even though it is normal to go 7-9 times a day, several issues can push people to the 12-16 times/day range for trips to the bathroom. Bladder infections and, in men, prostate problems are causes.

Urinary urgency and incontinence are also issues that may be traced to simply over consuming fluids, overweight or ‘stress’ incontinence from sneezing or laughing. Muscle strengthening around the bladder through kegel exercises can help.

A full bladder may contain 8 ounces of fluid but can hold 2 ½ times that amount.

Understanding bladder and urinary incontinence is one way Huntington Woods remains committed to educating community on basic health issues. Lunch & Learn programs are regularly offered.

Huntington Woods Care and Rehabilitation is a 82 Bed skilled nursing facility. They provide nursing services 24 hours a day seven days a week as well as skilled therapy up to seven days a week. Additionally Huntington Woods also features 45 beds for patients with memory care needs. Huntington Woods has recently been awarded a deficiency free survey by the Ohio Department of Health.

The Tom Strong presentation was co-sponsored by The Gardens at Westlake Assisted Living.

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