Gunfire at Detroit-Columbia in Westlake: Shells Found

Gunfire got the attention of a passing Westlake Police Patrolman on Sept. 24. The officer heard the shots A passing patrolman heard the shots as he drove through the Detroit-Columbia Rd. intersection. A Bay Village officer and guests at a nearby motel confirmed hearing the explosions as well. Upon investigation, 5 spent .40 cal casings were recovered just north of the intersection, suggesting that the shots were fired from a passing vehicle. ODOT is checking for CCTV footage from the I-90-Columbia Rd. interchange.

Pole Wins in Drink Driver Crash

A 23yoa Bay Village man took out a pole at the Clague-Detroit Rd. intersection on Sept. 23. He was arrested for OVI (breath test .179) and cited for Failure to Control.

Weaving Driver Leads to Drug Paraphernalia Arrest

Rocky River and Westlake PDs were notified to watch for a white Kia westbound on I90 on Sept. 23. The driver was reportedly weaving, nearly hitting the caller’s car and also did knock over a traffic cone in a road work area. The 22yoa Lorain man driving was stopped and found to be under suspension. He also had a bong and a .loaded .380 handgun in the car. He was arrested for Drug Paraphernalia, Improper Handling of a Firearm, and Weapons Under Disability.

Door Kicked in at Westlake Home Robbery

A Caroline Cr. man’s home was broken into on Sept. 24 when the front door was kicked in. $1100 in cash, a laptop and tablet (total value $1400), and an unknown amount of coins were taken. He suspects a 28yoa Westlake man with a long criminal history who is an acquaintance of his son.

Handgun Reported Missing

An Excalibur Ave. man who recently moved from MD found that his .22cal handgun ($391 value) and the safe it was in were both missing after the move. His property had been in a Parma storage facility from May through August. When he inventoried his belongings on Sept. 22, he could not locate the weapon.

Serial OD’er

A 24yoa Clague Rd. man ODed on heroin on Sept. 22; WFD transported him to St. John Medical Center after an RN caring for another family member revived him with narcan. This is at least his 3rd OD; a hypo and suspected heroin were recovered from his person. A Drug Possession warrant was issued for him.

Drunk in Church

A 61yoa Cleveland man who has been banned from the property returned to a Clague Rd. church on Sept. 23. He was drinking whisky and trying to steal items out of some raffle baskets. He was arrested for Trespass and also for a Fairview Park PD warrant.

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