It’s All About the ‘Healing’ Arts for UH SJMC Therapist Andrea Patrick

James Aspery, Planner City of North Olmsted, with artist Andrea Patrick.

Artist Andrea Patrick, an occupational therapist at University Hospitals St. John Medical Center in Westlake, has long known the value of the creative process in healing.

As a Captain in the Army Reserve, she served two tours of duty in Iraq teaching self-help to military personnel.

In 13 years at UH SJMC, she has continued to use her skills as an artist to help others heal.

She also takes her own advice personally by actively pursuing an interest in creating her own paintings, mostly featuring landscapes and scenes of local nostalgia.

“It’s all about using your hands,” said Andrea last week from North Olmsted City Hall. A gallery of her works is on display in public areas there.

The City Hall Art Gallery is an initiative of The North Olmsted Arts Commission that solicits artwork from local artists to display on a temporary basis at the North Olmsted City Hall. This is an opportunity for artists and art groups to introduce or expand upon the visibility of their artwork through interaction with the local viewing public.

For Andrea Patrick,OTR/L, MHS, the program brings a message of value in art to the community.

‘Lunch on the Town,’ an Andrea Patrick original.

“It’s all about doing something that makes you feel good,” said Patrick.

Andrea is an affiliate of North Olmsted artist JoAnn DePolo’s Fine Art America group. With studios at 26719 Brookpark Ext., North Olmsted, JoAnn offers continuing programs for public participation and artistic engagement.

“More and more, people are seeing the value of art and the process of creation,” says Andrea. “It brings out those endorphins that make you feel better and it helps you to express yourself even if you don’t know where the work is taking you.

“There is a French phrase, ‘Je ne sais quoi,’ which means you don’t know exactly what something is going to be, but you know when you get there with it!” explains Andrea. “It’s all about getting to that point in the creative process where you can say, ‘I don’t know what happened’ happens!” This experience brings feelings of accomplishment and fulfillment in everyone, from patients she sees at the hospital to all who engage in the creative process.

James Aspery, Planner for the City of North Olmsted, reports the program’s intent is to provide exhibition space free of charge to local artists, increasing opportunities for both emerging and established artists to exhibit works of art in a public space. This provides access and exposure to the arts for the residents of North Olmsted and also enhances public awareness and to promote the visual arts in the City.

Please phone 440-716-4135 if you are an interested artist.

To learn more about Andrea Patrick’s work, visit

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