HEALTHCARE: Westlake Doctors Help People Return to Activities They Love

The new headquarters of Nightingale Centers for Regenerative Medicine will be located at the Gemini Towers, 1991 Crocker Road, 5th Floor, in Westlake.

Dr. Matthew Evenhouse and Dr. Christopher Manacci opened The Nightingale Centers for Regenerative Medicine this past August. They provide safe, minimally invasive treatments that promote the ability of the body to heal itself. The doctors provide several medical treatments that are new to Ohio. It’s the first clinic of its kind in the Midwest and one of only a handful around the country.

“We’ve treated dozens of patients in the new clinic,” says Dr. Evenhouse. “It’s great to see people whose lives were limited by immobility and pain get back to doing the things they love.”

The clinic is in Gemini Tower I at 1991 Crocker Road, Suite 500, in Westlake, just across from Crocker Park.

“We’ve had several patients who couldn’t raise their hand above their waist or walk without pain due to back or joint problems. After a brief treatment session, they could raise their hands above their head or stand up straight. It’s wonderful to see the look of amazement on their faces when they do something they thought was no longer possible,” says Elaine Schefft, a rehabilitation specialist who manages the center’s outreach program and coordinates care plans with the clinic’s growing list of patients.

In addition to mobility treatments, the clinic provides eligible patients with an FDA approved neurostimulation device to help restore their body’s ability to produce endorphins, part of the natural pain modifying mechanism. “It’s a simple non-drug treatment with lasting effects,” says Dr. Evenhouse. The treatment is FDA approved and covered by traditional Medicare.

The Center also performs stem cell injections for people with painful joints, ligament, and tendon problems. “A single treatment is all it takes. We’ve helped patients who can’t undergo surgery due to other medical issues or who don’t want the invasive treatments typically recommended for joint problems. There is no down time for stem cell therapy,” says Dr. Manacci.

Interested persons can call (844) 764-4633 to learn about eligibility and schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of the doctors.

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