O’Neill Healthcare Bay Village Presents “Alive Inside” – A Music Therapy for Memory Patients

Music can do amazing things for memory care patients!

Hearing a simple melody or a few lyrics from a beloved tune can spark a memory care patient to life.

Viewers at O’Neill Healthcare Bay Village watching
the film “Alive Inside” showing the amazing
results to Alzheimer’s patients when they
experience the music that they love.

Recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association as a valuable tool in the care of memory patients, O’Neill Healthcare Bay Village presented a movie last week, “Alive Inside.”

The movie told a story of music and memory that demonstrates music’s ability to combat memory loss. In one moving scene, a memory patient snaps to lively attention as soon as a familiar tune from his younger days is played. He is restored to awareness with toe-tapping and smiles!

“Alive Inside” shows what happens when you give Alzheimer’s and dementia patients the music that they love. It connects people with who they are and what they loved. Music is inseparable from emotion.

In the central scene, Henry is unresponsive until the music was played, then he could sing, answer questions, remember memories and even scat to the beat of a Cab Calloway tune!

“Henry waking up did something to us. Everyone in the room felt it,” said his family.

5 million people live with dementia in America. In 10 years, that number could double. It is a growing challenge for the 10 million people who actually care for dementia patients, who hold out that desire to awaken a person, to bring them back to who they, as a human being, are!

Music is so fundamental, it doesn’t even require a prescription. Medicine can dim the spark or light in a patient. Music can bring it back.

The program touched those who attended. “I think they should have more,” said one guest of the movie. “My husband had dementia for 10 years. They tried Aricept on him and he went worse.

“I think this is very good. I think everyone should see something like this. I have a nursing background and I know that music will ignite thoughts and activity. It does something with the brain. I think it’s awesome. And I applaud O’Neill Healthcare for having this.”

O’Neill Healthcare Bay Village is committed to memory support care in addition to skilled nursing, rehabilitative therapies, and assisted living. Delivery of quality care within an understanding and compassionate environment is O’Neill Healthcare’s top priority.

O’Neill Healthcare Bay Village will also honor those affected by Alzheimer’s Disease all year. In support of the Longest Day on June 21, O’Neill Healthcare Bay Village will donate $5 per tour of the memory support unit from March 1-June 1, 2018 to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Please join in raising funds and awareness for care and support while helping to advance research for those affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. 100 % of the funds raised will go directly to the Alzheimer’s Association.

O’Neill Healthcare Bay Village will be hosting additional events in support of memory care. Watch for upcoming ads for details.

To schedule a tour of memory care or for further information, contact Gina Jakubowski at 440-348-5424.

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