Eastview Elementary School Fourth-Graders Visit CRS

Leilani Alder, 10, with Susan Poole,
volunteers every day in the
Eastview library during her recess.

Eastview Elementary Library Shelf Elf students traveled to Avon/Avon Lake Community Resource Services the morning of March 9.

These students volunteer their recess to help out in the Library. They have many duties, such as reading to first-graders, helping them select a book, shelving books, repairing books, checking them in and out.

On Fridays, the students assisted in making gifts to sell at the Snowflake Shoppee. The purpose for the field trip was for the students to experience what their hard work will do for someone in need. This year the school donated $202. Susan Poole, CRS Executive Director opened up early so the students could tour the facility.


First Row – Clare Hardman, Hannah Cline, Olivia Schaffer, Ava Manly, Elizabeth Hock, Camryn Koski, Kendall Holley, Rebecca Zakel. Second Row – Mrs. Smith, Destiny Cabot, Sophia Cranis, Natalie Avarello, Mauve Kelly, Raegan Miller, Zane Florence. Back Row – Olympia Theofylaktos, Annabel Sjoberg, Sarah Hughes, Izzy Gabriel, Madeline Stiles, Jamie O’Toole, Madeline Sears, Leilani Adler, Sam Kennedy, and Kathy Butts, Eastview Elementary School librarian. Ally Liller was absent.

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