Rocky River Science Olympiad Team Heading to State Competition

Rocky River Middle School’s Maroon team is headed to state competition next month after qualifying at the regional contest.

Rock River Middle School Science Olympiad Maroon team finished fourth and the White Team finished 13th in Division B, while RRHS’s team finished seventh in Division C at the regional competition March 3 at St. Ignatius High School. The top six teams were invited to compete at the state level.

The RRMS Maroon team will head to The Ohio State University on April 28 to compete against the other top 40 teams in the state. The team will spend Friday at COSI Columbus and will have the opportunity to compete in trial events, providing a sneak peak at next year’s contest. The top two teams at the state level advance to national competition at Colorado State University in May.

Maroon team members are eighth graders Ella Gibson, Audrey Harkins, Joey Weixel, Laith Wattar, Grace Wang, Ella Ruebsteck and Paul Mediate; and seventh graders Morgan Way, Cora Mathewson, Alia Escobedo, Daniel Achour, Ethan Sollars, Max Stahl, Ana Vladescu and Samantha Manaloff.

The teams came home with the following awards:


  • Oleg Golev and Josiah Sawyer, Mousetrap Vehicle, Division C
  • Grace Wang and Samantha Manaoloff, Microbe Mission, Maroon Team


  • Grace Wang and Max Stahl, Fast Facts, Maroon Team
  • Daniel Achour and Joey Weixel, Towers, Maroon Team
  • Evan Mathewson and Will Beach, Geek Speak
  • Oleg Golev and Josiah Sawyer, Chem Lab, Division C
  • Bella Mediate and Sasha Ruffus, Write it, Do It, Division C


  • Greg Ganor and Erik Korinare, Towers, White Team
  • Owen Ganor and Erik Kocinare, Rocks and Minerals, White Team
  • Laith Wattar and Joey Weixel, Hovercraft, Maroon Team


  • Marin Way and Oleg Golev, Forensics, Division C
  • Jason Gronn and Josiah Sawyer, Hovercraft, Division C
  • Joey Weixel and Laith Wattar, Battery Buggy, Maroon Team
  • Laith Wattar, Grace Wang, and Morgan Way, Experimental Design, Maroon Team
  • Morgan Way and Laith Wattar, Mystery Architecture, Maroon Team
  • Ethan Sollars and Daniel Achour, Roller Coaster, Maroon Team


  • Oleg Golev and Josiah Sawyer, Optics, Division C


  • Audrey Harkins and Ella Gibson, Anatomy and Physiology, Maroon Team
  • Max Stahl and Paul Mediate, Rocks and Minerals, Maroon Team
  • Ella Ruebsteck and Max Stahl, Solar System, Maroon Team
  • Ana Vladescu and Cora Mathewson, Geek Speak, Maroon Team
  • Oleg Golev and Josiah Sawyer, Helicopters, Division C
  • Oleg Golev and Josiah Sawyer, Materials Science, Division C
  • Leanne Wattar and Sadie Newton, Towers, Division C


  • Cora Mathewson and Alia Escobedo, Crime Busters, Maroon Team
  • Ana Vladescu and Paul Mediate, Ecology, Maroon Team
  • Guillaume Delgado and Wyatt Chung, Herpetology, White Team
  • Sasha Ruffus, Jackie Bush, and Maddy Smyth, Experimental Design, Division C


  • Brianna Raynes and Owen Ganor, Battery Buggy, White Team
  • Ana Vladescu and Samantha Manoloff, Optics, Maroon Team
  • Ella Gibson and Audrey Harkins, Potions and Poisons, Maroon Team
  • Morgan Pfaff and Ella Ruebesteck, Road Scholar, Maroon Team
  • Marcella Pfaff and Sadie Newton, Disease Detectives, Division C
  • Jackie Bush and Marcella Pfaff, Ecology, Division C
  • Marin Way and Leanne Wattar, Microbe Mission, Division C
  • Katrina and Leanne Wattar, Remote Sensing, Division C
  • Jill Erml and Oleg Golev, Rocks and Minerals, Division C
  • Morgan Way and Daniel Achour, Wright Stuff, Maroon Team
  • Seth Purohit and Erik Kocinare, Thermodynamics, Maroon Team

Science Olympiad’s mission is to inspire student interest in science outside of the school curriculum through active, hands-on participation in and exposure to STEM disciplines.

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