Westlake Police: Intoxicated Mom Stopped at Westlake School

A parent who called Westlake Police on March 5 while waiting in line to pick up children at Dover Intermediate School at 3:51 p.m. was so concerned by the actions of another driver that he actually blocked the suspicious driver’s car while awaiting police intervention.

The scenario began when Police received a report of a driver that possibly struck other vehicles in the parking lot of Dover Intermediate School.

The caller actually used his vehicle to block the suspect vehicle from moving around the lot any further.

As officers responded they noted that there was a line of vehicles in the parking lot and students were being dismissed from the school.

The operator of the suspicious vehicle was located and as officers spoke with her they detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath. They could not find any other vehicles struck, but the 35 year old female from Westlake failed roadside field sobriety tests. She was arrested and her vehicle impounded.

As she was at the school to pick up her children, Cuyahoga County Child Services was notified in an attempt to get the family the resources they need. The children were safely united with their father and had never entered their mother’s vehicle.

The female submitted to a breath test and was over 4 times the legal limit.

Purse Full of Pot Left at Westlake Restaurant

On 3/6/18, a manager at a Westlake restaurant located a purse. In attempting to locate the rightful owner, the manager located “a large amount” of drugs inside. Officers responded and confirmed that the purse contained suspected marijuana. Luckily for law enforcement, the purse also contained a state of Ohio ID. The 18yo female from Brookpark was located and charged with possession of approx. 31 grams of marijuana. She was cited and released on scene.

It Wasn’t His Birthday!

On 3/3/18 at about 3:20 PM an officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. The driver of the car said that he did not have his license with him and did not remember his social security number. Instead he gave the officer a name and birthday. The ruse did not work well for the 25yo from Lorain as the officer soon discovered that he was lying after the information did not check out. He was arrested for obstructing official business as well as driving under suspension. A 28yo female passenger was also from Lorain. She unsuccessfully tried the same ploy. Her truthful identity was learned and she was taken into custody for obstructing and open container.

Doors Damaged

On 3/7/18 a Caroline Circle resident returned home from work and had trouble entering his residence. Upon closer inspection it was apparent that someone had damaged both the front and rear doors of the condominium. Officers responded and gathered evidence. Nothing was readily noticed missing from inside the home and officers developed a suspect. Westlake Detectives are continuing the investigation.

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