Pizza Driver Alleges Assault in Bay

On 04/05/2018, at 21:09 hrs, a thirty-five year old male came to the Bay Village Police station to complain that he had been assaulted. This male works as a home delivery driver for Antonio’s Pizza in Westlake. He alleged that when making a delivery at a home in the 27800 block of Lincoln Road in Bay Village, a male who had apparently ordered the pizza grabbed the victim by the collar and spit on him because he was upset that his pizza had arrived late, report police. An officer was assigned to gather information for an assault report.

The High Life

On 04/08/2018, at 08:15 hrs, an officer on routine patrol made a traffic stop on Lake Road, near Clague Road, after observing the Saturn’s driver’s side wheels cross the center line. After noting the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from inside the vehicle the officer asked the driver how long ago he had been drinking. The driver replied, “A little while ago.” After further questioning, he did admit to drinking while driving. After failing the field sobriety tests, he was arrested for OVI. A ¾ full Miller High Life beer was located in the cup holder of the center console. The passenger’s seat had four empty Miller High Life beer cans located in a plastic bag. After being processed at the station, the 69-year old Cleveland resident was released on bond to a sober adult.

Tax Day Alert

Tax day is fast approaching. This means the scammers, flimflammers, swindlers and thieves will be ramping up their efforts to separate you from your money. Answer no calls from numbers you do not recognize. If you do not have caller ID, screen all calls. Let them go to voice mail. If you do not know the person or number do NOT call back. The IRS will NOT call you. Do not trust anyone, you do not absolutely know, on the phone. If in doubt, call the Bay Village Police Department. We will be more than happy to assist.

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