University Hospitals St. John Medical Center: Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists Available Locally

Now that spring is here and the allergy season is upon us, many folks will want to learn about the Otolaryngology Services at University Hospitals St. John Medical Center in Westlake.

Otolaryngology is the specialty of highly-skilled ear, nose and throat physicians at the Institute, as well as physicians who treat complex conditions related to the skull base.

Chad Zender, MD

This skillful and inventive department diagnoses, treats and extensively researches diseases of the ear, nose and throat.

They provide comprehensive, personalized care for patients with a variety of ear, nose and throat conditions.

Through Otolaryngology Services at UH SJMC, patients receive the most comprehensive care available locally, with a treatment plan individually tailored to his or her specific needs. Available treatments range from simple, non-surgical options to advanced surgical procedures.

“Our goal is to offer the same excellent care across the entire spectrum of University Hospitals for our patients that now have to come downtown,” reports Chad Zender, MD, Board Certified Otolaryngologist.

Complete Otolaryngology Care for Children and Adults

The Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) subspecialty areas at the Institute focus on areas of the head and neck that may benefit from surgical intervention, everything from inserting drainage tubes in the ears of a child suffering from frequent and severe ear infections to complex surgery for the removal of a tumor at the base of the skull.

This specialty offers many sub-specialists who focus their skills and expertise on the alleviation of ear, nose and throat problems for adults and children.

Dr. Zender, a specialist in head and neck disease, is emblematic of the personalized care now available locally through the Otolaryngology Services at University Hospitals St. John Medical Center.

“It wasn’t until my father developed head-neck cancer my freshman year of college that turned our world upside down and changed my perspective,” says Dr. Zender. “I started in biochemistry at Bowling Green. I transferred closer to home because dad wasn’t working, he was being treated for his cancer, and essentially got into medicine.”

That personalized spirit of problem-solving is the driving force behind community centered resources like The Otolaryngology Services at UH SJMC.

Dr. Zender’s specialties address complex issues like Skull Base Surgery, Thyroid Cancer, Melanoma, TransOral Robotic Surgery (TORS), Head and Neck Reconstruction Head and Neck Cancer and more. The Institute treats everything from the simple – such as recurrent ear infections in children – to the very complex, such as removing tumors at the base of the skull, or even helping restore a patient’s hearing.

Nipun Chhabra, MD

“We now have state of the art surgical equipment that makes available here at UH SJMC minimally invasive procedures previously unheard of at the community hospital level,” reports Nipun Chhabra, MD, Board Certified Otolaryngologist.

Specifically focusing on sinus and nasal problems, chronic sinusitis and allergies, polyps and nasal breathing disorders, Dr. Chhabra devotes much time at the VA in addition to his duties at University Hospitals.

The quality of this care is part of the UH SJMC mission to bring true world-class care to the West Shore. “We are becoming a regional hub,” says Rob David, UH SJMC President and CEO.

“Minimally invasive sinus and skull base approaches skull base allows us to perform high level sino-nasal procedures with a great deal of success,” says Dr. Chhabra. “This allows us to approach the skull base with a much less invasive fashion.”

Patients seen by Dr. Chhabra include past surgical patients, polyps, severe allergies, infections, trouble breathing through the nose and post nasal drip.

“I was a life-long sufferer of allergies and asthma and that is what kept my interest personal in entering this specialty. I met leadership and learned about their commitment to bringing the best of otolaryngologic care to the community. This is one of the most rapidly evolving areas in the field with a great deal of research behind the advancements that allow us to dramatically enhance and improve the quality of life of our patients,” says Dr. Chhabra.

“The opportunity for patients to access fellowship trained specialists and surgeons at the community level is our goal with the Institute.”

Other members of the team include board certified otolaryngology specialists Jonathan Frankel, MD, and Jae Kim, MD.

The UH Center for Otolaryngology is located in Building 3 on Health Campus Driver at UH SJMC. Please phone (440) 617-4737. They also have offices at UH Westlake Health Center at 960 Clague Road, Ste. 960. (216) 844-6000.


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