Funny Money Bust in Westlake

Westlake Police arrested a suspect reported to be circulating bogus $20 bills on May 9.

They got the call at 2:43 p.m. when a gas station at the corner of Detroit and Dover Ctr reported that they received a counterfeit $20 bill.

Soon after, the convenient store across the street reported that they also received a fake $20.

In both instances the male bought a small item such as a soft drink and paid with the counterfeit bill. The male in both cases was described as looking in his 20’s with Middle Eastern features and a thin build.

On 5/11/18 the same gas station called reporting that the male was back attempting to pass another fake bill. The male left before officers arrived but luckily the clerk got a good description of the male’s vehicle which was soon stopped by North Olmsted PD. A 21yo, who was formerly from Westlake but said he was now homeless, was arrested. He was still in possession of a counterfeit $20 bill. Charges are pending.

OD at Crocker Park

On 4/28/18 at approx. 4:30PM, WPD received a call of a male passed out in the mulch in front of a store at Crocker Park. The 22yo was reportedly turning blue. Officers found the unresponsive male with bystanders beginning to give him first aid. Narcan was administered by the responding officers and the male was revived. Further treatment was furnished by Westlake Fire who also transported the lucky male to the hospital. A report was generated to assure that the male receives the recovery help he needs or charges will be sought.

Thieves Buzz Bee Clean!

On 4/28 at approx. 11:36PM, an observant citizen noticed that 2 males had exited a vehicle and were attempting to break into the Bee Clean Car Wash at the corner of Detroit and Dover Center Rds. As officers arrived, they witnessed males running out of the car wash as well as a third male waiting in a nearby vehicle. After a short foot pursuit of the 2 running thieves, they were both captured. The 3rd male exited the get away car without bothering to attempt to flee. The thieves were in such a hurry to flee the police that they left all their tools laying on the floor of the office they had just broken into. The tools were recovered and all 3 went to jail. The runners, a 50yo from Lakewood and a 31yo from Cleveland were charged with felony breaking and entering as well as possession of criminal tools. The waiting driver, a 33yo from Parma, was charged with felony complicity to B+E.

Boyfriend Assaults Woman

On 4/28/18 at approx.6:26AM, a female called WPD to report that her boyfriend had assaulted her, held her down, and stole cash from her purse. The couple did not live together but began to argue at the female’s apartment. The boyfriend ended up assaulting the female who later declined medical attention. WPD contacted Portage County Sheriff Deputies as the suspect lived in Ravenna. They located the 47yo at his house and took him into custody without further incident. The male was charged with assault and robbery.

Mysterious Gunfire

On 5/3/18 at approx. 12:16AM, a resident of Framingham reported hearing gunshots around their house. Officers responded but could not find anyone or anything out of place. Later in the day, at 10:51AM, another resident called to report that they had found a bullet hole through the front of their house. They had also heard the gunshots the night before but thought it was just fireworks. Evidence was collected at the scene as were witness statements. Detectives are following up.

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