Superheroes Save Avon!

Superheroes saved the day in Avon last Saturday as evil forces from the world of cartoon fantasy gathered at the Aquatic Center to kidnap Mayor Bryan Jensen, setting the stage for a day of costumed fun.

The City, in partnership with the nonprofit charity, Superheroes to Kids in Ohio, staged the event to create a virtual comic book the afternoon of Sept. 8.

The event’s purpose was to give children overcoming illness and adversity a chance to join the Superheroes and help capture the Super Villains who held the mayor and other ‘Good Guy’ characters captive.

Celebrities on hand included Dawn Kendrick from WKYC as Lois Lane and attorney Tim Misny as Lex Luthor. Kendrick reported ‘live from the scene’ with interviews with the superhero kids while Misney attempted to bribe the crowd with promises of no more homework!

About 40 famous Superheroes and Supervillains were available for wonderful family photos afterwards at the Aquatic Center where lunch was served and a dance party closed the day.

Children were encouraged to dress in their favorite Superhero costumes for an amazing day of fun. Kids – some battling serious illnesses – proved to be the real heros as they cast off their burdens in return for a little fun and an afternoon of joy.

Tim Misny as Lex Luthur promised No More Homework if kids would help him take over the city!

Admission was free, but it was asked that people in attendance bring non-perishable food items and/or school supplies to be donated to local charities.

The City of Avon went  above and beyond to make this a great day for many, even welcoming many non-profits to exhibit their missions of benevolence at the Aquatic Center in a tremendous display of ‘community’ at the Aquatic Center.

An organization of nearly 80 individuals, it is the goal of ‘Super Heroes To Kids In Ohio’ to perform simple acts of kindness, recognize individuals who have battled through adversity and encourage the involvement of ‘community’ to make a positive difference in the lives of others – especially children.

Super Heroes To Kids in Ohio’ is a 501(c) 3, non-profit organization not affiliated with Marvel, DC, Disney, or any other company. All acts are done in a charitable tone.

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