Westlake Schools: Time to Say Goodbye

It was time to say goodbye to four beloved Westlake Elementary Schools as Dover, Hilliard, Holly Lane and Bassett Schools all close their doors for the last time this week.

By the start of the 2019 school year, the new Westlake PK-4 building under construction next to Porter Public Library will be opened.

Westlake Schools gave the community a chance to tour the four buildings Tuesday evening for one last trip down Memory Lane.

Some of the remembrances of each building have been shared on the Westlake Alumni Facebook page. Interest in the old buildings has been high, and the site received over 10,000 visitors last week.

Holly Lane

Holly Lane: “I attended Holly Lane the very first year it was opened – 1961. The opening was delayed, so we all went to the Red Brick Building for half the year. Then, when moving day came, they had us all pick up our chairs and carry them with us on the bus to simplify the moving process. Mr. Robishaw was our principal and he was also the gym teacher lol!! We were all so thrilled to be in a school with a courtyard and a big hill in the back playground with a cannon on top!”

“the cake walks!”

“The cannon and the “huge” hill we would slide down during the winter”

“Kindergarten circus, Easter parade, being a “flag girl,” Holly Lane fair, square dancing and trampoline days in gym, the ice cream sandwich machine, band with Mr. Ptak, singing with Ms. Phiffer, art with Mrs. Wilkinson, arguing with Mr. Newton about wearing blue eye shadow! Lol!”


Hilliard Elementary: “I met some of my best friends here! I will always remember field days and the Halloween parades, parading outside the building. I couldn’t wait for the talent shows! My brother and I were also on the news when the muppet people came!! The teachers were awesome! I have so many memories from this building and will miss it greatly! Hilliard Huskies for life!!”

“Mr Szabos obstacle course after the presidential pushups/sit-ups/and running. Bouncing the plastic chicken in the giant parachute in the gym. After school book club in the library with pretzels and juice boxes. Field day! State projects with Mrs Zellers, baby chickens with Miss Reisdorff, best five years of memories at this school.”


Bassett School: “So many memories of special years. Teachers that were wonderful for my 3 children, too many to name. 4 Principals that were great to work with as PTA mom. Being part of the team that started Harvest Days. Being a room mother with all the fun parties. My children are now 30-40, but I will always have a sweet spot in my heart for Bassett. Thanks for the memories.”

“My fondest memories include Jeannette DeAnna. A wonderful teacher, and person. No one person has touched my life as much as her. I’ll never forget walking into her classroom my 1st day of Kindergarten, and again in 4th grade. She’s been there for every pivotal moment in my life over the last 32 years, from graduation to her retirement to the births of my children and everything in between.”

“1976 Bicentennial year! Dressing up and making candles. Also knowing how to spell Ms Ayersman name on the first day of school. She quizzed each kid before letting them into her classroom!”


Dover School: “Fun fair! Field Day! Mrs. Sunny Thompson (best librarian ever), meeting the author Ann Jonas, pizza day in the cafeteria, tornado drills, Mrs. Alberta Marriott, ordering books from scholastic, the Book Fair, the late Miss Carol Schirmer, David Stair… so many wonderful memories!!”

“Fun Fair box maze in the library, banana pine box derby, gymnastics unit in gym, anoles, Oregon trail, eraser cleaning with the custodian, Sunny Thompson (and Laurie), Mrs Zellers art class, Mrs Marriott and most of all Mrs Schirmer-Hunt!”

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