St. Paul Westlake Welcomes New Vicar

Left to right: Sherry Bolosan, Vicar Chad Bolosan, Associate Pastor Jeff Smith of St. Paul Church, on Call Day at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, where students found out for the first time where they would be serving their vicarage year and churches found out who they were assigned as vicar.


St. Paul Westlake installed a new vicar in services on Sunday, July 14. Vicar Chad Bolosan is eager to get started in his role as pastoral intern.

“It’s a great opportunity to learn from those that have vast experience,” he said, refer- ring to St. Paul’s pastoral staff which includes Pastor Emeritus Rev. Dr. David Buegler, Senior Pastor Ronald L. Young and Associate Pastor Jeffery M. Smith.

Bolosan, 44, and wife, Sherry, are the parents of Annabelle, 9, and twins Emma and Charlotte, 4.

“I fell in love with sharing the gospel, and it’s wonderful seeing that faith blossom in other people,” he said.

Answering God’s call into the ministry happened after Bolosan had already devoted 20 years to his first career, as an accountant. He is a graduate of Michigan State University, and worked for a couple of private firms throughout his two decades as a numbers man.

“It was a great profession to be in, but I was drawn to the church,” he said. “I had a built-in support system in my family. My wife has been very encouraging. We made the decision together.” His wife Sherry is a graduate of Concordia River Forest (now Concordia Chicago) and worked as the Director of Children’s Ministry at their home congregation in Schaumburg, Illinois, before taking a position with Lutheran Church Charities working with the Comfort Dog Ministry and the handlers for the dogs.

Attending Concordia Seminary in St. Louis has been a decision he’s very happy about.

“I loved my first two years at Concordia, and now I love it here,” he said of St. Paul Westlake. “We’ve been immensely welcomed and feel very loved. We are fitting right in here.”

Bolosan will serve as vicar for one year and will then return to Concordia Seminary to complete his final year of study. Upon graduation, he will then be available for a call to serve as pastor in a church in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

Bolosan was born and raised in Hawaii and lived there until he moved away to attend college. His wife, meanwhile, is a native of Davenport, Iowa. He and his family have settled into a home in North Olmsted and are looking forward to what this year has in store for them, both at St. Paul and in the Cleveland area.

Bolosan emphasized that this is great time to get involved with St. Paul Church and School. Both are undergoing some renovations and the school is adding a S.T.E.M. Lab as well as upgrading a lot of its technology. “We’ll be starting the Red Letter Challenge after Labor Day, with our sermon series and our Bible Studies. We also have the Community & Church Family Picnic coming up on August 25th, which is open to the public, and free! And apparently I will be in a dunk tank, which might not be as fun. There is so much going on at St. Paul…. it’s going to be an exciting year, that’s for sure.”

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