Can’t Buy Me Love: Dating Scam Costs Victim $50 Grand

On 8/24/19 at approx. 3:30PM a Westlake resident appeared on station to report a fraud/theft.  The female victim had met a purported male online on the site in July of 2018, report Westlake Police.  They exchanged messages via the site, emails, phone calls and texting for over a month before the male relayed an elaborate story about being stuck overseas with frozen bank accounts.  Over the next 7 months the male talked the victim into transferring over $50,000 to various accounts with promises to pay back everything in full. Westlake PD took a report and investigators are trying to identify a suspect although all the identifiers relayed to the victim appear to be false.

4 Times the Legal Limit: Accident Victim Confiscates Keys

On 8/26/19 at about 2:21PM officers responded to the corner of Center Ridge and Columbia Rds to investigate a report of a male who had pulled a female from a vehicle in the roadway.  Officers arrived to find that there had been a traffic accident. When the male whose car was struck from behind went to check on the female driver in the striking vehicle, he noticed that she appeared highly intoxicated.  While contacting the police, the male took the other driver’s keys from the ignition to keep her from leaving. There was a verbal altercation over the keys. The female was unable to perform field sobriety tests and was arrested for OVI.  At the jail, the 54 yo from North Ridgeville tested 4 times the legal limit.  Her license was suspended.  There were no injuries in the collision.


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