Westlake Homecoming 2019

Paige Bowman and John Poole Westlake homecoming Queen and King!

Westlake Homecoming 2019 enjoyed a beautiful autumn weekend as the traditional parade stepped off from the Dover Schools campus at 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 18 and made its way to the high school on Hilliard.


Along the way, spectators crowded the streetsides of Dover Center and Hilliard Blvds as the cavalcade of all things Westlake passed by!

Kids excitedly filled bags with candy tossed from the parade-marchers, and the crowd got to see first-hand the newly-minted members of the Westlake Alumni Hall of Fame, the band, School officials and members of all the high school classes.

Once at the UH St. John Stadium Paige Bowman and John Poole were crowned homecoming Queen and King!

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Westlake High School Band


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