Never Forget

Kerry Barvincak at the Avon Veterans Memorial sounding TAPS on Sunday evenings. Photo courtesy of Steve Barnhart

The 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks on our nation is right around the corner.

All will be reminded of the loss of life and sacrifices made that day and in the days following as our world was filled with turmoil.

For Avon resident Kerry Barvincak, forgetting is not an option.

Kerry is commander of Avon/Avon Lake VFW Post 7035, was project coordinator for the new Avon Veterans Memorial and joined with fellow VFW member Mike Khouma and others in designing the monument. Barvincak is also the noted artist of patriotic-themed installations at many places around Avon. He is a Viet-Nam veteran, serving in the Navy from 1967-71.

Today, Kerry expresses his unwavering dedication to veterans in another way: He stops at various locations throughout Avon to play Taps on his bugle Sunday evenings.

His stops include the Avon Veterans Memorial at 7:30 p.m. Sundays, Resthaven Cemetery and St. Mary of the Woods.

A recent visitor to Resthaven remarked on his weekly gesture.

“Last Sunday, we had a family reunion in North Ridgeville, named for my parents, who are buried at Resthaven. On the way home, my niece stopped to visit with her grandparents for a few minutes.

“While she was at their graves, a man pulled in and walked up to the flagpole at the Four Chaplains Veterans Section behind the little Chapel and started playing Taps.

“My niece thanked him and he told her that he goes there every Sunday around 7 p.m. My sister and I went last night and, sure enough, right at 7 p.m. he pulled in, walked under the flag and played Taps, got in his truck and left. It was very touching.”

Kerry’s response: “It is my honor to do this.”

“In reality, it is a true privilege for our community to have him. May he inspire many more!”


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