Life-Saver: Thank You, Officer Jasinsky!

Congrats to Westlake Ptl. Ryan Jasinsky!

Christine Sabel and her partner Ken stopped by the police station the last week to meet with Ptl. Jasinsky and thank him for saving Christine’s life.

On June 6, Ptl. Jasinsky, while on duty and enroute to another assignment in Cleveland, was frantically flagged down by people at the I-90/I-71 split. There was a motorcycle accident that had just happened and a female was seriously injured.

No other first responders were on scene. Ptl. Jasinsky discovered Ms. Sabel ejected from her bike and about 50 feet over the guard rail. She was badly injured and was bleeding heavily.

Using his police trauma care training along with his prior military training and experience, Ptl. Jasinsky utilized two tourniquets on two separate limbs along with a large amount of trauma gauze and other medical supplies to stabilize Ms. Sabel. He did this all while attempting to keep her calm and while treating shock.

Cleveland EMS arrived 10 minutes later to assume treatment and transport the victim to MetroHealth Hospital. Trauma Surgeons confirmed that Christine would not have made it if not for Ptl. Jasinsky’s training, equipment and execution of life preserving measures – truly a heroic feat considering the extensive damage that Christine had sustained.

All were extremely happy to see that Christine was out of the hospital after 3 months of treatment and surgeries. She still has a way to go to make a full recovery but her hard work and desire to get well have gotten her to this point.

“We are also extremely proud of Ptl. Jasinsky and the other officers who supported the Westlake Police response to this incident. A Life Saving Award will be presented in the near future. A great success story,” report Westlake Police.

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