New Avon Lake Fire Station on November Ballot

Avon Lake City Council approved the ballot language for a new fire station, police station expansion, and infrastructure at the June 27th meeting. The voters will have an opportunity in the November election to decide if a .25% income tax increase is necessary to support the Avon Lake safety forces and ensure the quality of care and protection the residents rely on.

Currently, Avon Lake’s income tax rate is 1.5%. If the new rate is approved, .2% will go towards the construction of a new fire station and police station expansion, and the remaining .05% will be invested in city infrastructure, such as roads. Mayor Zilka stated, “As an income tax, this does not impact individuals that are retired, as it does not tax pensions or capital gains. For those that are working in a city with an income tax rate of 1.75% or more (which are most of Avon Lake’s surrounding communities), it does not increase taxes at all.

In Chief Jeremy Betsa’s presentation to Council, he pointed out that the current fire station opened in 1978, not in 2000, when the Safety Center opened. Only a new facade was added to the fire station at that time. There are numerous large repairs needed to the fire station, and after a study conducted five years ago it was determined that the best option is building a new facility for the fire department and renovating the current building for the police department.

David Kos, Council Member & Chair of the Public Health and Safety Committee, provided statistics of the changes in the city since the fire station was built 44 years ago. “…since 1978, the percentage for the number of fire department runs has gone up 400%, fire department staffing has gone up 72%, and Avon Lake’s population has increased 94% and is still growing. Simply put, it is time for a modern facility…”

If a resident wants to consider the need for a new fire station for themselves, Chief Jeremy Betsa would be glad to provide tours. Call him at 440-933-8305 or email

The Our Safety – Our Avon Lake Committee is hosting a fundraiser on Tuesday, July 12, from 5:00 – 8:00 P.M. which will be a great opportunity to have your questions answered. Tickets for this picnic at John Christ Winery are $25 per person and open to the public. Children under 12 are free. For more information or tickets email

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