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The question most asked of professional interior designers, according to my twenty-five years+ of practicing professionally is, “What color won’t go out of style.” While I do not hold a crystal ball, the answer is typically, “We have no way of knowing.” The answer does not comfort my clients, but the truth is we simply don’t know. This article has the intention of predicting future trends and where and how to spend your money wisely. Making an investment in your surroundings has proven more important than ever.

Now the old adage, “Since Covid hit”, home owners have put a higher importance of making their interiors have more of an impact both emotionally and financially. While more and more people are working from home, the home improvement movement has continued to steadily grow.

Here is what you need to know if you are going to make the investment into your environment:

The movement is contemporary- Northeastern Ohio has typically been ultra traditional and conservative. No longer. Even the most traditional of homes in Rocky River to Avon Lake are seeing an uptick in more contemporary finishes. That said; make sure you are also being respectful of the architecture of the home. Instead of drippy chandeliers and crystal light fixtures, consider using natural materials such as wicker, raffia, wood beads, and woven materials. This can work even with the most traditional spaces. Instead of landscape art, consider abstract artist’s creations with bold colors … or even non-color, but please add more modern art to your home.

Budgets and expectations- Be realistic with expectations. Prices have increased exponentially across the board for material and labor. I’ll let you do your own discovery on that topic. If you have not bought an appliance since 2019 or before, be prepared to have sticker shock and long wait times. If you have a project in mind, this is my rule of thumb (even though this frustrates my closest family members and clients alike): establish a budget and double it. Establish a time line and quadruple that number. If you think your kitchen remodel is going to take $40,000 and three months, make is $80,000 and plan on cooking in the new space a year from now.

Sherwin-Williams color of the year: Redend Point SW9081

Is gray still popular? The short answer is ‘yes’. When selecting gray materials, steer in the direction of a warm gray. I like to refer to this color as mushroom. Stop using cool grays. The color is cold and depressing unless balanced with warm tones. I started using gray tones over twenty years ago. When the color became popular, I don’t think anyone expected it to become a megatrend. Your designer does not want to do another gray and white kitchen and bath.

For timeless interiors I encourage my clients to use an eclectic, layered approach. Use your grandfather’s handmade chair with a modern cocktail table. Buy an antique rug and pair it with contemporary seating. Also, don’t “cheap out”. Spend your money where it counts: better plumbing fixtures, better area rugs/flooring, and unique light fixtures. The best selections made are the ones that ultimately make you (and your family) happy.

Author, Jenifer L. Bemis, Senior Interior Designer/President of Metropolitan Design Group. Jenifer is a native west-sider, and lives in Bath Township. She creates beautiful interiors all over North America. She graduated from Kent State University in 1997 and has been practicing professionally since earning her interior design degree. Feel free to contact her company at or calling (216) 496-1192.


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