Avon Community Rallies Around Avon Eagles Garden Club

What an amazing morning last weekend at Avon East Elementary School in Avon! Local Girl Scouts showed up ready to light the trees and they also made beautiful, natural garland out of dried fruit, pine and twigs.

Over the next few weeks, Avon East art class students will create natural, bird friendly ornaments to decorate the trees.

Thank you to Ricks Christmas Trees, located in Grafton, for the amazing discount and free delivery! Thank you to all of the tree sponsors, for making this project possible!

Also, a special shout out to two Avon High National Honor Society volunteers who showed up at 9:00 am to prep the trees and garden for the Girl Scouts!

Never underestimate the power of an amazing community to work together and make things happen for our youth! It was a bitter cold day- but everyone was smiling, working hard, and having a blast together! A garden lasts more than a summer!

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