Harry & Nancy Applegate are Mr. & Mrs. Westlake

Mayor Clough congratulates the Applegate Family.

Sunday was the Tree Lighting Ceremony at Westlake City Hall. It’s also when the Westlake Town Criers announce the new Mr. & Mrs. Westlake.

Mayor Dennis Clough presided over this festive evening as musicians from Westlake High performed, welcoming in the holiday season.

“It was a joy to see this honor go to Harry & Nancy Applegate,” reports Ward 2 Councilman Nick Nunnari.

“Harry & Nancy, Ward 2 residents, have spent a lifetime giving; volunteer work, service to our country, teaching, working with the Community.

“In the spirit of the season it is an honor & a blessing to give back to this couple that has given so much to Westlake.”

“It was a joy to see this honor go to Harry & Nancy Applegate,’ added Amy Green Halveka (Ward 5). Over the years, I’ve worked with Harry on school levy campaigns, strategic planning committees, etc. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the season honoring a couple that gives so much to Westlake.”


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