The Hope for B.E.S.T.: Be the End to Silent Thoughts (Public Service Sponsored by Cooper Disposal)

Healing begins when the Silence Ends; No one battles alone.

Imagine being given 6,000 things a day to think about. Seems overwhelming, but on average a person will have more than 6,000 thoughts a day! The mind can become a battlefield of information. While not all thoughts carry the same weight (i.e… meaningless, irrelevant, important, useful, negative, positive…) they still come, sometimes repetitively. Often, some of these thoughts can and will shape your thinking, decision making and choices.

The Hope for B.E.S.T. recognizes that not every thought needs to be spoken and/or have a voice. However, there are millions of people silently suffering every day from thoughts they are too afraid or ashamed to share: Who will listen? Will they judge me? Will they accept me? Will they understand what I am going through? Will they help me? Their silent thoughts can keep them captive and a prisoner, burrowing themselves into their mind, like cancer; quietly entering, unseen, taking up residence and then spreading.

The mission of The Hope for B.E.S.T. is to bring hope to all those suffering from their silent thoughts and to stop the stigma surrounding Mental Health and bring encouragement to Mental Health Awareness by acknowledging and accepting the reality that WE ALL have struggles; physical, mental, emotional… and NO ONE is immune from this reality, and NO ONE should ever battle alone. So, let’s start speaking to the silence that needs to be heard and listen; for healing begins when the silence ends! #inthistogether!

About Lori Best Yeager

Founder and Owner of The Hope for B.E.S.T.™

Lori created The Hope for B.E.S.T., in 2020 after the sudden loss of her triplet brother, Dan Best, death by suicide. Filled with sorrow, grief, and unanswered “whys”, Lori found her thoughts to be scattered and racing aimlessly. They seemed to have no direction, no beginning or end; just as one would enter, another one would come, and then another, and then another. What just happened? How? Why? There were no signs, no warnings… Lori decided to write her thoughts down, which created a collection of over 120 writings; speaking to the silence that needs to be heard.

Author of by all means… JUST SAY IT

Clare Cygan Young Visionary Award

Presented to Lori Best Yeager by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

“It is the courage to come out in public and share her thoughts and feelings after the death of her brother that makes her a good nominee for this award. Her openness on the grief she is experiencing touches many people, letting others know it is ok to talk about it.”

$5000 Raised for Avon Schools

Lori Yeager-Best presents a grant of $5000 from The Hope for B.E.S.T. to the Avon School Board for the benefit of mental health programs.

Nothing bundt Cakes in Avon is celebrating their 5th Birthday and on January 20th. They are donating 10% of their sales to The Hope for B.E.S.T.

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