Community West Foundation and Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital Team Up to Provide CPR Equipment for St. Augustine Health Campus

 Funds Provided were Raised Through the Straight from the Heart Raffle Currently Underway

Community West Foundation and Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital have teamed up to provide CPR training equipment for St. Augustine Health Campus, a skilled nursing and long-term care facility located on Cleveland’s near West Side, which serves the needs of chronically ill and aging individuals of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. 

Dr. Neil Smith, President of Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital, Dana Carns, Director of Advancement at St. Augustine Health Ministries, Sara Lyons with St. Augustine Health Ministries, Marty Uhle, President and CEO of Community West Foundation, Gwen Print, Regional Senior Director, Cardiovascular Services and Solimar Jimenez, Community Relations Program Manager at Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital.

St. Augustine’s also serves as a CPR training facility for their 450 clinical staff, as well as dozens of other agencies such as those in the Catholic Charities Health and Human Services system. Community West Foundation fielded the request for eight new adult and baby mannequins needed in order for St. Augustine to be compliant with the American Heart Association guidelines which requires CPR instructors to have CPR mannequins with a feedback device. 

This technology allows the student to achieve the correct depth of compression that is necessary to perform CPR effectively. The instructor would be able to give feedback as the student is performing simulated CPR. 

“Due to our long-term partnership with Fairview Hospital and its reputation for leading heart care, we knew this was an initiative that could be subsidized with funds raised through our annual Straight from the Heart raffle,” said Marty Uhle, President and CEO of Community West Foundation.

In its 19th year, the Straight from the Heart raffle runs from late November until mid-February annually with the grand prize being $100,000 in cash. 

The raffle has a total of 40 prizes, including thousands of dollars in cash, trips to Hawaii, Ireland and Disney World, fine jewelry and electronics.

All proceeds from the raffle support cardiac services and heart-healthy initiatives for Cleveland Clinic’s Avon, Fairview and Lutheran hospitals and surrounding communities. 

“Contributions raised from the Straight from the Heart raffle allow us the flexibility to address funding gaps for community agencies like St. Augustine Health Campus, which are in need of critical equipment,” said Neil Smith, D.O., President of Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital. “We are always looking for ways to support our partners as we work together to create a healthier community.”

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