Bay Girl Selected for 2023 Pan American Games

Aleiyha Aponte attends Bay Village Middle School and is an amazing student. But when not in school, softball is her sport of choice.

Aleiyha has been selected to compete in the 2023 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru at the end of this month. The try-outs consisted of girls from Puerto Rico and all of the United States that have Puerto Rican parents or grandparents that originated from Puerto Rico (in Aleiyha’s case it was her grandmother who originated from Humacao, Puerto Rico and her grandfather who originated from Cayey, Puerto Rico).

She will face countries such as the USA, Japan, Mexico while in Peru. If they qualify she will get to play in the world championship that is going to be held in Japan at the end of this year.

Aleiyha is a right handed pitcher who locally plays for the Ohio Hawks National team. When not pitching Aleiyha likes to play 1st or 3rd base and is known for her powerful bat! Aleiyha works very hard with her pitching coach Kasey Reis who pushes her out of her comfort zone and always reminds her to believe in herself.

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