QuickBrite Car Wash Now Open in Avon

Offers a Unique Combination of Services and Amenities for Vehicle Owners on Cleveland’s West Side

  • Two wash technologies – touchless and soft-touch
  • Two-station bays – one car can be washing, while another dries simultaneously
  • Vehicles are dried not once, but twice
  • Ceramic coat included in the premier wash package
  • Can accommodate duallys and rear hitches in the touchless bay
  • 24/7 operation for convenience
  • Wash clubs that allow two washes per day
  • Free vacuums
  • QuickBrite mobile device app for fast, easy access to wash clubs, with no need for windshield RFID stickers
  • Locally owned and operated, with proprietors that are easy to access and care about customer satisfaction

QuickBrite Car Wash Avon, LLC, opened its first car wash location at 2325 Nagel Road in Avon, Ohio (next to Dunkin Donuts), on January 14, 2023. Locally owned, this unique car wash provides a combination of services and amenities that patrons will not find at any other car wash on Cleveland’s far west side.

QuickBrite is a 4,050-square-foot facility where customers are offered a choice of two washing technologies in one location – touchless or soft-touch. The touchless wash uses high-pressure water and wash products to clean, and no equipment touches the vehicle. The soft-touch wash uses neo-glide foam rollers to apply the wash products around the vehicle.

“We wanted to give customers the option to choose between the two technologies. Many vehicle owners believe that a soft-touch provides the best wash because the rollers are actually touching the vehicle’s surface to remove dirt. Others may agree but have sensitive car finishes or just prefer that their vehicles go untouched in the wash,” explains QuickBrite owner Ross Safos.

“Research shows that car wash customers are very loyal to their preferred wash technology, he notes. “We just wanted everyone to be happy.”

QuickBrite is an automatic in-bay system, which means there are no conveyors. As a result, no employees are required on-site, so the wash is open 24 hours a day. “You can find touchless washes open 24/7. However, it’s almost impossible to find a soft-touch car wash that is open all the time,” explains Safos. “That’s one of the things that makes us different.”

The wash and dry technologies at QuickBrite are also the latest the industry has to offer. Its unique design allows two cars to be in the bay simultaneously – one car can be washing while the other is drying. This maximizes throughput, allowing up to 40 cars per hour, per bay. Duallys and rear hitches can also be accommodated in the touchless bay. In addition, QuickBrite’s BRITE-EST wash includes a ceramic seal, which allows particles to bond to the surface of a vehicle, creating a layer that magnifies the shine and increases the protection of your vehicle’s surface. This additional coat typically costs up to $3 extra at other local car washes.

Vehicles at QuickBrite are also dried not once, but twice. A drying bridge first goes over the vehicle for an initial pass; after, high-velocity turbines complete the water removal as vehicles exit the bay.

For added convenience, QuickBrite offers a free, custom mobile app program that includes the following features:

  • Single wash purchases
  • Wash Club memberships – wash any time for a single, recurring monthly fee
  • Loyalty Points – earned with every purchase to redeem for a free wash
  • Claims to deals and discounts
  • A complimentary birthday wash
  • AirPAY – customers can complete purchases using their smartphone at the kiosk using a barcode scanner (not to be confused with Apple Pay or Google Pay)

For patrons who sign-up for the app on a mobile device for the first time, QuickBrite offers a free BRITE-EST wash, including the ceramic seal. Monthly wash clubs must be purchased through the app; members are allowed two washes per day* and can go back and forth between touchless and soft-touch bays as they choose.

QuickBrite also offers free vacuums with any wash and a free car mat cleaner for fabric mats. A vending machine is on site with additional cleaning supplies as well as snacks and drinks.

“QuickBrite was conceived and planned to combine a high-technology wash and dry experience with the ultimate in customer convenience,” Safos says. “I’ve always been a car care enthusiast. My goal was to elevate exterior in-bay automated car washing to a new level on the far west side of Cleveland. Our innovative format is the first of its kind and a completely unique offering.”

Car wash rates are competitive, with four packages available, starting at $8.00. Monthly wash clubs start as low as $19.99 per month.

Safos owns and operates QuickBrite with his wife, Sue Safos. Both are long-time residents of Avon Lake. “As local residents, we want to make sure everyone is happy with our wash quality and convenience, of course,” says Sue Safos. “But exceptional service is also a priority. Even though the site is technically unmanned, we are there a great deal of the time and always on-call.”

The Safos’s also want to make giving back to the community part of the QuickBrite mission. Fundraisers, discounts and other partnerships are available. For more information, go to www.quickbritecarwash.com.

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