Avon Local Schools Board of Education Member Resigns

During the Dec. 20, 2022 meeting of the Avon Local Schools Board of Education (BOE), members voted to accept the resignation of veteran member Art Goforth, effective January 31, 2023. He has served on the BOE for the past 14 years. He was appointed in October 2008. He has also served as Avon’s representative to the Lorain County Joint Vocational School (JVS) Board since January 2009.

In his letter submitted to BOE members, Goforth noted his ‘work with the board and administrative team at the Avon Local Schools has been exceptionally rewarding and fulfilling. The skills, qualifications, and dedication of board leadership, board members, school administration, and every district employee, assisted with my decision to leave with complete confidence in the continued excellent management and operation of the district.’

Goforth has witnessed Avon’s growth over the years and he is proud of the many accomplishments within the school district.

“I have never experienced a field of employment where everyone is continually aware of the primary reason for our work… the kids of our city,” said Goforth. “We have amazing bus drivers, custodial staff, aides, foodservice workers, administration, and every teacher I’ve met has been focused first on serving the children of this city with the best they can offer in this shared effort.”

“We have been fortunate to hire a couple of dedicated superintendents that managed the growth of the student population well by adding appropriate staff as our numbers and needs grew; as well as doing an outstanding job of assisting with the design and managing construction of a new middle school, and the PAC (Performing Arts Center). The inclusion of staff, parents, administration, and the board in these important projects assured all ideas were considered,” he said.

He also cited the district’s partnership with the city that has been a great advantage in developing and improving spaces faster and better than each entity could do on their own.

“The residents of Avon own all these properties and deserve to benefit from the cost savings available when we work together,” said Goforth. “I am proud of the continuous addition of programs and curricular activities available to the students, staying aware of managing costs, and at the same time improving our (test) scores within the various state grading standards. For many years this (school) board has had great discussions and debates over a wide variety of subjects, while maintaining respect we learned from one another, always going back to why we serve, before making a decision.”

Avon BOE president Tara Tatman noted the board will miss Goforth’s contributions as a member.

“Art has been an integral part of the success of the Avon Local School district for the past 14 years,” said Tatman. “He has served both the students of the Avon Local Schools and the students at the JVS in Oberlin during his tenure. While we will miss the insight and contributions Art has given to the school board, we hope that he enjoys the time he is able to spend with his family.”

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