Moondance Benefit will Showcase Diamond Jubilee Creation

BAYarts’ Annual Moondance Benefit slated for Sept. 9 is extra special this year as BAYarts celebrates 75 years as a treasured home for arts and culture with a dazzling future ahead.

Funds raised at Moondance help support BAYarts’ year-round continued expansion, education programming, free community events and more, for generations to come. “We hope you will consider supporting the “Party of the Year” and celebrating with us!” says the treasured arts campus.

Fittingly, the Diamond Jubilee will honor a real gem of a supporter – Lenny Strnad of Bay’s noted Vivid Jewels. Lenny is the 2023 Jubilee Honoree of the Year!

“Lenny’s unique talents and unwavering dedication promise to elevate the event to unparalleled heights. A longtime supporter of BAYarts, it is only fitting that he is this year’s honoree,” says BAYarts. “Lenny’s unwavering belief in the power of art to shape and transform lives has made him a cherished mentor and advocate for the arts. His commitment to philanthropy has touched numerous lives, supporting organizations like BAYarts, dedicated to empowering young artists and promoting access to the arts for underprivileged communities.”

As a special commemoration, Lenny has designed a unique, beautiful hand made and assembled bracelet featuring a round brilliant center diamond of VS1 – F color with a carat weight of 1.5 carat Lab Grown with special applied patented cut no. US 9,226,554 B2. The setting is created in 14 kt white gold with a hidden safety clasp.

Enter to win this White Gold Bangle valued at $7500! For details, go to

“Our design is in an oval shape so the center solitaire diamond will balance on top and beautifully display the diamond,” says Lenny. For anyone interested in purchasing one of these pieces at Vivid Diamonds & Design for $7,500, $3,500 will be donated to BAYarts. This is limited to 10 pieces. These would be special orders and could be chosen in different color golds. He has also donated a $7,500 custom diamond and white gold bangle for the Moondance raffle.

Lenny’s visionary approach to artistic expression has earned him international acclaim, making him an icon of platinum-goldsmith jewelers. Amongst his many achievements, Lenny has had the honor of crafting custom pins for two U.S. presidents.

In 1992, Lenny provided custom pins for Bill and Hillary Clinton for the inauguration. These pins now reside in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. Lenny also created a custom pin for President Ronald Reagan.

In 2002, Lenny became internationally renowned with the patenting of his Vivinity Diamond, which is sold globally and holds 43 storefronts in Japan alone.

Lenny possesses an innate ability to capture the essence of emotions and imaginations of his jewelry clientele and deliver above and beyond their expectations with his designs.

His warmth and authenticity radiate in every encounter, leaving an indelible impression on all who have the privilege of knowing him. He is a true family man, serving as a doting husband to his beautiful and supportive wife, Audra, and father to five incredible children.

“As we come together to commemorate BAYarts’ Diamond anniversary, who better to highlight Moondance than a man whose entire life has been dedicated to the diamond?” says BAYarts. “With great pride and anticipation, we invite you to experience the brilliance of Leonard J. Strnad II on Sept. 9, including the $7,500 custom diamond and white gold bangle he donated for the raffle.

“Join us in celebrating the luminous presence of Leonard J. Strnad II, a true visionary whose artistic endeavors have touched the hearts of many, forever leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of the arts.”

Tickets for Moondance are now on sale at

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