Bad Grandpa: What Was He Thinking?

Halloween is still a month away, but one guy let the spirit get the best of him in Westlake on Tuesday, Sept. 26

“At approx. 7 p.m., Westlake Police received a call from a frantic female reporting that a man in a “Jason Mask” approached her vehicle and threated her with a knife,” report Police.

” The suspect said something to the effect of “lets go” before leaving on foot while hiding behind other vehicles and bushes.

“The victim also noted that a small boy was with the man when he fled the plaza at King James and Center Ridge.

“Officers found the man walking with the child in the area of Center Ridge and Dover.  He was still wearing the Halloween type mask.

“A 66yo male was taken into custody without incident in the parking lot of the Get Go.

“In addition to the mask, which in fact was a “Michael Myers” full face mask, officers found a toy handgun in the man’s pocket.  The suspect also admitted that he had a plastic knife on his person.  Evidently the 66yo was taking care of his 6yo grandson when he decided to play a “game” with the child.  According to the witness, the victim was just putting on her seatbelt when the grandpa approached the car and yelled at the victim through her window.  The child was at the back, passenger window when the unfortunate game was played.

“Neither the victim, who called 911 immediately, nor the officers, found the game entertaining.  The North Olmsted man was transported to the Westlake Jail and charged with aggravated menacing.  The boy was transported by WPD officers to his parents who lived in the area.”

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