Westlake Village Clare Bridge Community: Home is Something to Celebrate

Jayme Toth, Health and Wellness Manager, Holly Eads, HealthPlus Care Manager and Brook Kowicki, Health and Wellness Coordinator welcome you to Westlake Villager Clare Bridge Community.

A visit to the Westlake Village Care Bridge Community is something to remember.

Guests, families and residents were warmly welcomed two weeks ago to a house warming at this inviting living resource at 28550 Westlake Village Dr near Crocker Road.

As music from well-known keyboardist John Kowalski filled the air, folks enjoyed gourmet quality hors d’oeuvres and desserts. They were also invited to tour the generous living spaces, dining room, spa and more.

“We have a very active and engaging activities department,” said Jayme Toth, Health & Wellness Director. “We enable people to live their best lives. Our culinary team is restaurant style that serves restaurant quality food that is amazing, delicious. Our care is fabulous.”

Associates Holly Eads, HealthPlus Care Manager, and Brook Kowicki, Health & Wellness Coordinator were quick to agree.

“Most places don’t even have a Care Manager. We do,” said Holly.

“Just because someone you love is experiencing memory loss, it doesn’t mean that they should have to sacrifice their quality of life. Our residents spend their days in a secure environment, surrounded by familiar people who encourage them to enjoy life, experience feelings of belonging and purpose, and help to support their current skills through our daily path of engagement.”

The housewarming event was a perfect way to learn about the care offered by Westlake Village Clare Bridge. If you missed it, you can still schedule a tour by calling Kari Brozic at 440-892-4200.

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