Finding Common Ground in the Holy Land

Israel – The Promised Land – The Holy Land – The Land of Milk and Honey. A country here stories come alive. Kings, Battles, David beheading Goliath, Samson and Delilah, and the birth and death of Jesus. Israel is a small piece of land about the size of New Jersey. It nestles against the beautiful azure colored Mediterranean Sea to the west and is surrounded by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Israel is the most sought after, fought over and coveted piece of land in the world. A crowd of witnesses before us attest to the fact that God chose this area to reveal himself to mankind. In Judah God is known, His name is great in Israel – Psalms 76:1 Recently a group of churches lead by Pastor Paul Endrei of Westlake’s Church on the Rise, traveled to Israel. Church member, Bernie Rolen, shared with us her spectacular images of this beautiful country.
“Going to the Holy Land is a trip that every Christian should have on their bucket list!”, said Pastor Endrei.
“I brought 42 people in total and 3 generations of Endrei’s there. My 15 year old daughter Promise literally didn’t want to leave and my 80 year old Father Frank said it was the best trip of his entire life! Walking where Jesus walked and inistered in the Land of the Bible made our faith come alive! Taking a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and singing praise music was a highlight of my trip! It was both educational and a spiritually refreshing experience! He continued, “ People need to know that Israel is safe for them and their family and the people there were most hospitable! They even wished us ‘ Merry Christmas’ which you don’t often hear in
our basically Christian nation! I will be putting together Holy Land Trips this year and in the future!”
– Pastor Paul Endrei, Sr. Pastor, Church on the Rise

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