St. Mary of the Woods Ices the Monsters

Rosemary the cheetah gets on her game face!

Members of the Lake Erie Monsters made a holiday visit to St. Mary of the Woods last week and a hockey game broke out between the pros and residents of this premier senior living facility in Avon

The St. Mary of Woods Battling Beagles humbled the Monsters in their annual game of Noodle Hockey, played with a beach ball and swimming pool ‘noodles.” It was the fifth straight win for the Beagles

The Beagles were led again this year by Rosemary “The Cheetah” Burkhardt, who scored the winning goal. “They call me the Cheetah because I cheat!” kidded Rosemary. Her pre-game stare-down with Monsters players had the pros on thin ice even before the game began. “We thank them for coming. It is a lot of fun. But we are tough!” she laughed.

Buddy Hanna, uncle of Activities Director Robin Hanna, operated an impromptu Zaboni – a broomstick with ribbons – to make the sure the carpeted playing surface stayed sloped in favor of the Beagles. Buddy brought in a local history book depicting the days of the Cleveland Barons at the old Cleveland Arena that captivated the hockey representatives.

One Monsters player, the 6-6 Patrick Bordeleau, ended up in the pom-pom penalty box for swiping The Cheetah’s safari hat! He looked great in the hat with colorful pink boa – a perfect sartorial combo for a macho hockey dude!

As the game ended, the downtrodden Monsters were ready to be consoled with a drink. So it was root beer floats all around as the local pros drowned their sorrows to the delight of the always-victorious Beagles fans.

Lake Erie Monsters: Patrick Bordeleau, Brad Malone, Geoff Walker, Mark Olver. Beagle hockey team:  Rosemarie Sam Orlando, Helen Michalski & Craig Sutton. Ted Tobiasz was not pictured but he played.

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