Manning backs Autism coverage

Manning backs Autism coverage

State Senator Gayle Manning (R–North Ridgeville) released the following statement this morning (Dec. 21) regarding Ohio’s policy changes that will expand access to necessary health coverage for individuals with autism-spectrum disorders. All comments can be directly attributed to State Senator Gayle Manning.

“I am and have always been a strong proponent of increasing access to much-needed insurance coverage for autism. I stand firmly with Governor John Kasich in his decision to adjust the state’s policies to ensure that proper treatment can be administered to Ohioans without causing an undue financial burden on our families.”

“This fall, I co-sponsored Senate Bill 381, which would have included autism disorders in Ohio’s mental health insurance laws. I am pleased that the Governor also sees merit in this worthy cause.”

“As an educator, I know that early detection and treatment for those with autism can make all the difference in their development. If we work to diagnose autism earlier and assist our families in developing a strategic plan, we can decrease autism’s impact exponentially.”

“As this plan is implemented, the Governor can count on my full support. I know that many northeast Ohio families will benefit from these new policies and I remain a staunch advocate for them in the Statehouse.”

For more information on the Governor’s plan, click here. To read supportive statements from Autism Speaks, click here.

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