Generous grant from the Mercy Foundation of Lorain County enables Mercy Allen Hospital to acquire state-of-the-art EKG equipment

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(Lorain) – Mercy Allen Hospital and the Central Lorain County Ambulance
District (CLCAD) are proud to announce the acquisition of new Phillips
monitors that will provide them with the ability to transmit
echocardiograms (EKG s) performed in an ambulance to the emergency
department, cardiac catheterization lab, and even the cardiologist when en
route to the hospital with a cardiac patient. This state-of-the-art
technology eliminates the intake process and allows the patient to be
immediately transferred from the ambulance to the cardiac catheterization
lab. Because they are able to monitor patient condition prior to arrival,
the physicians in the catheterization lab will be better prepared to take
immediate action and specifically address any special concerns that may
have presented while the patient was in transit.

With the new system, the EKG can be transmitted to a computer monitor, an
iPad and even a doctor’s smartphone. The new monitors are capable of
transmitting data to both Mercy Allen Hospital and Mercy Regional Medical

The standard of care is to re-open heart blockage within 90 minutes of the
occurrence; this new technology dramatically enhances the medical team’s
ability to begin corrective procedures within that crucial time frame.
Rapid medical intervention minimizes cardiac tissue deterioration,
dramatically increasing a patient’s chances for recovery. Susan Bowers,
president and chief nursing officer of Mercy Allen Hospital, the Mercy
Allen Hospital emergency department and emergency medical services staff,
and the Central Lorain County Ambulance District wish to acknowledge the
generous financial support of the Mercy Foundation of Lorain County.  “This
is a tremendous asset to the entire central Lorain County community,” says
Bowers. “Lives will be saved because of their generous grant.”


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