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How can we keep our kids safe from predators? That question is on many parent minds these days after the release of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight from a Cleveland house.

There are several important steps parents can take to safeguard against predators.


Operation Kidsafe, the nation’s leader in childhood safety programs, has the plan.


Operation KidSafe is coming to Nick Mayer Lincoln in Westlake this Fri., May 31, from noon- 6 p.m., and Sat. June 1, from 10 a.m – 4 p.m.

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It is free to every family. There is nothing to buy, and no obligation. Just show up.


Operation Kidsafe has served over 1 million children nationally. It is a FREE digital fingerprint and safety program.


Specialized digital imagery equipment will be on hand for this limited engagement. Safety tips will also help you set up a family safety action plan.


Operation KidSafe captures your child’s picture and fingerprints using a digital video capture device and specialized software. The captured data is assembled and a quality 8 ½ x 11 print out is given to the parent. The parent may use the print out to provide to law enforcement anywhere in the world to instantly aid in an investigation. No database or records of children are maintained. The only record goes home with the parent.


All children one year old and older and special needs adults are encouraged to attend.


KidSafe founder Mark J. Bott says two messages stand out in the 15 years since he started the nationwide campaign for children’s safety.


“Families should set up an action plan. Safety tips for creating a Family Action Plan will be available,” he said.


His top two tips on keeping children safe:


1 – “Check first. Every child, as soon as they can  understand, has to be told that if they are approached by anyone – whether you know them or not –  is to check first with a parent. This keeps kids away from making their own safety decisions.”


2 – “Teenage girls (and boys)  should always travel in numbers. If you are faced with walking home alone, call a parent. Don’t go if you have to walk alone.”


A father of 7, Bott said a personal experience 15 years ago propelled him to a commitment to creating this childhood safety program.


“It is  very clear that children should not be responsible for their safety experience, but parents don’t know how to do it,” said Bott. KidSafe can provide the answers.


The two days of safety underscore the Nick Mayer Lincoln commitment to community. Local police and fire department have also been invited.


“We feel that child safety is so important especially with what has been going on lately in the news,” said General Sales Manager Chad Mayer. “The KidSafe program is a great example of what we can do for our community and give back so that we can make sure our kids are safe. This will create a buzz in all of our surrounding communities and make parents and neighbors more conscious of our kids safety.”


“I want people to know that this is an opportunity to out-network the bad guys,” adds Bott.  “We don’t want to face these situations with our kids. What matters to me is the number of children we serve and giving the parents quality, honest information. The event is free and it is private. All you have to do is show up.”


Nick Mayer Lincoln is located at 24400 Center Ridge Road in Westlake.

Phone is (800) 416-7039.


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