The Family Legacy Continues…Four Generations of Doctors Serve West Side

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Earlier this month, Lakewood Hospital said farewell to one generation as longtime general surgeon, Marvin Shie III, MD, retired and passed the family torch to his niece, Lynnette Karth, MD.

After practicing medicine at Lakewood Hospital for 36 years in the same office on Madison Ave., Dr. Shie III is looking forward to more time for playing golf, reading and traveling. He began his practice in 1977 following in the footsteps of other family physicians, his father, Marvin Shie Jr., MD and grandfather, Marvin Shie Sr., MD.

Dr. Shie III served his patients and community faithfully, becoming a very active member of the medical community and Lakewood Hospital Foundation. He held many positions within Lakewood Hospital, including President of the Medical Staff. He was also President of the Cleveland Surgical Society and the Academy of Medicine’s Physician of the Year in 2011.

“I hope our family will be remembered as providing good medical care to the community”, said Dr. Shie III. “It started off with my grandfather, a general practitioner, then my dad was an obstetrician, and next I took over in surgery. Now I’m handing it off to my niece in obstetrics again. It’s been great to be in one place and carry on a family tradition, taking care of our patients.”

Now the torch has passed to Dr. Shie III’s niece, Lynnette Karth, MD, a new OB/GYN physician. As the fourth generation of her family to serve the Lakewood community, Dr. Karth is excited to continue her family’s legacy and feels a special connection to her grandfather who was also an obstetrician. In fact, her father is also an obstetrician practicing in Dayton, Ohio and her little sister is in training for the same specialty.

“I just hope to carry on the tradition of great, compassionate patient care and live up to the precedent set by the other physicians in my family”, said Dr. Karth, “I’m honored that that my patients trust me to take care of them during a very vulnerable and special part of their lives.”

Dr. Karth specializes in general obstetrics and gynecology. She will be delivering and performing pelvic surgery at Lakewood and Fairview hospitals along with partners Sharon Mikol, MD, Habibeh Gitiforooz, MD, and Kristen Ekman, MD. Their office is located at 1450 Belle Ave. Patients interested in making an appointment with Dr. Karth can call 216.529.2913.

Dr. Karth resides in Rocky River with her husband Andrew, a design engineer.

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