Cuyahoga County to Award New Police/Fire Communications Equipment

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Westshore Communities to receive 61 radios

Continuing with Cuyahoga County’s goal of helping public safety forces to streamline and modernize, the county is awarding radios to the Westshore Council of Governments Police and Fire Departments. The county is awarding 28 radio and chargers to the Westshore Fire Departments totaling $71,726.20 and 33 radios to the Westshore Police Departments totaling $84,534.45.

These departments include:  Bay Village Fire Department, Fairview Park Fire Department, North Olmsted Fire Department, Westlake Fire Department, Westshore Central Dispatch Center (Westcom), Bay Village Police Department, Fairview Park Police Department, North Olmsted Police Department, Westlake Police Department.

Cuyahoga County has supported previous expenditures of general and grant funds towards the establishment of the MARCS IP Project, 25 Radio System in Cuyahoga County, the City of Cleveland’s implementation of an 800 MHz APCO Project 25 Digital Radio Communications system, and the purchase of end-user 700/800MHz radio equipment.


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