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If you watched the 1966 TV series “The Green Hornet” as avidly as your Westlake Police did, you recall that the announcer spoke of “his dual identity known only to his secretary, and to the District Attorney.” A 28-year-old Lorain man apparently keeps his true identity to himself and his girlfriend. When he was stopped for traffic violations back on Aug. 22, he falsely IDed himself as his 27-year-old cousin to the officer; he was cited for No Headlights and Operator’s License Required. The 30-year-old Lorain woman who was a passenger in the car vouched for the faker as well.


The suspect never showed up in court and a warrant was issued. The misidentification house of cards collapsed when the younger man’s mom found out about the warrant in late October. The original charges were dismissed and new charges of No Headlights, Driving Under Suspension, and Providing False Information were filed under the older man’s real identity. The female also faces an Obstructing Official Business charge. So, just like the Green Hornet, the older man is now “on police records, a wanted criminal.”


Halloween Round-Up


Oct. 31 round- up: A notable dearth of pumpkin-smashing, window soaping, and like-minded hooliganism occurred on Halloween. One instance of doorbell ringing on Crimson Dr. was reported at 6:20AM on Nov. 1, long past trick or treat hours. A four- year-old girl from Amherst was found.wandering on Chatham Ct. by auxiliary police performing Halloween patrol at 7:36PM. The child was reported missing by her mom 8 minutes later. Hey, that’s how Police roll. They find ‘em before you notice they’re gone.


A semi-tractor with lights on was reported scaring kids at 7:39PM near Chaucer Dr. It was gone upon police arrival.


Miscellaneous Mayhem


A Remington Ct. woman found a 6in. scratch on her 2013 Nissan Maxima driver side rear fender. This was discovered on the morning of Oct. 28, and she attributed it to another resident of her apartment complex who uses their common garage. That resident denied any involvement.
A 28-year-old CA woman fell in the parking lot of a Detroit Rd. store on Oct. 29 at 7:15PM. She was aided by passers-bye until WPD and WFD arrived. She was found to be intoxicated and cited for DCI; she was taken to St. John Medical Center due to hitting her head


Two cars were broken into at a Detroit Rd. restaurant on the evening of Oct. 29. An Avon Lake man’s 2014 Mercedes C35 had the driver side rear window shattered and a briefcase, laptop, and keys taken.


A Hinckley woman’s 2013 Ford CMax had the passenger side rear window broken and a purse taken. A third vehicle had some damage done to the front passenger window, but no entry was gained and nothing was taken. Some of the stolen items were found nearby on Waters Edge Dr. No suspects.


A Clague Rd. business was burgled on the night of Oct. 29. The front door glass was shattered and $200 for evidence.

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