Westlake Grandma Invokes “Fred Sanford” Clause

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Fred Sanford used to clutch his chest and cry out that he was on his way to join his deceased wife Elizabeth as a regular gag on the old “Sanford and Son” TV series.  A wandering 4-year-old boy’s grandmother revived that bit on Nov. 10 at 1:11PM. according to Westlake Police.

 Passing drivers found the grandson barefoot on Bradley Rd. without adult supervision; he told WPD officers he was going to the gas station to buy candy. He was taken home to Barclay Blvd. where 40-year-old grandma pulled her fake heart attack routine when the officers started asking questions. WFD was requested; her husband heard the commotion and told her to get off the floor and cut out the theatrics. She refused transportation and was advised that the City Prosecutor will rule on possible Child Endangering and Making False Alarms charges. All the “symptoms” that she claimed to be suffering had disappeared by the time WFD and WPD cleared the scene.  Cuyahoga Co. Children’s Services was also notified.

A 48-year-old Brantwood Dr. woman reported that her 46-year-old estranged husband entered her home through an unlocked window on Nov. 11 at 4:03PM and assaulted her and her 18-year-old daughter. NOPD stopped him on Walter Rd. where WPD arrested him for Domestic Violence against both women. A divorce is in progress and the females live at a relative’s house; the male is not welcome there.

A Columbia Rd. woman reported harassing/threatening calls from the 29-year-old father of her two boys on Nov. 11. They had broken up the day before over allegations of infidelity; the woman shut off the male’s cellphone service. That set off the suspect, who stated that he would kill her in calls to her phone. Charges of Telecommunications Harassment and Domestic Violence (for the threats) are forthcoming.

A Westlake man’s cellphone was stolen from his unlocked Recreation Center locker on Nov. 5. Unknown why he waited until Nov. 12 to report it; no suspects.

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