Westlake Police: Thieves Strike Auto Dealerships

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Two thefts from vehicles took place at Autonation Ford on Center Ridge Rd. on the night of Dec. 28. A Rocky River man’s 2006 Ford had the driver’s side window broken out; a GPS unit was taken. The rear license plate was also removed.  Cleveland PD recovered the plate a few days later on an abandoned truck. A Meyer-brand plow and salt spreader were taken off of another truck; those items are valued at $6700 total; no suspects.

The Pat O’Brien Chevrolet also lost $5990 worth of tires and rims from two 2014 Chevrolet Suburbans over the Dec. 28-30 weekend. Both vehicle had all 4 wheels taken; no suspects.

A Westlake woman’s purse was stolen from a Detroit Rd. tavern on the night of Dec. 27. Other patrons named a 46-year-old Westlake woman as a possible suspect. That suspect was a high school acquaintance of the victim and was confronted the next afternoon by WPD at her Banbury Ct. home. She surrendered the purse, claiming she had taken it by accident and had not had time to return it. She was arrested for RSP.

A 51-year-old Westlake man fell off his barstool and tried to pick a fight at a Center Ridge Rd. tavern on Dec. 31 at 1:38AM. Other patrons separated him from the object of his ire; he was arrested for DCI.

A Peppercorn Dr. man found all four tires and rims taken off his 2013 Honda Fit on the morning of Dec. 31. A Bobby Ln. man was the victim of the same type of theft that same morning; his 2013 Honda Civic had all four tires and rims taken off of it. No suspects.

A domestic dispute between a 32-year-old man and his 21-year-old wife resulted in the arrest of the latter for Dom. Violence on Jan. 3 at 11:05AM Neighbors reported a noisy commotion between the two; the husband was found to have scratches on his face and neck. He says they argued over her poor housekeeping; she blames the set-to on her losing his passport. The male did not want to pursue charges, but will seek a divorce.

The snowstorm that blew in on Jan. 2 resulted in 8 spinouts, 7 crashes, and 18 disabled vehicles.   The Jan. 6 cold snap has been a factor in one spin out and one disabled vehicle as of 8:30AM that date.


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