Westlake Police: Naked Man Visits Neighbor in Westlake

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A naked 63-year-old Westwood Rd. man went over to his female neighbor’s home on May 14 at 9:22 a.m. and yelled vulgarities in her window, report Westlake Police. Westlake and Fairview Police officers responded to his home where he was seen in the altogether. He then ran into his house. He was persuaded to come out and was arrested for Public Indecency and Voyeurism. A TPO was issued to keep him away from the neighbor.


Bad Advice for Unlicensed Driver

A 21-year-old Bowling Green man said the car dealer that sold him a 2002 Mazda Millennia gave him the OK to drive it without license plates on May 11 after being stopped on I-90.  Bad advice. A  title check showed that the car was owned by the driver, but he was cited for Display of Plates and the vehicle towed. The owner got a temp tag the following day.


Creepy Conversation

Two sisters (16 and 13 years old) were walking their dogs on Dover Center Rd. near Center Ridge Rd. on May 13 around 5PM when the following white male pulled up in a older white 4door sedan with white fur seat covers: 45-50 years old, around 5/10, clean shaven with yellow and white hair. He engaged the girls in conversation about their dogs, petted them, and took pictures of the girls holding the dogs. He made reference to his wife “Eva” having Parkinson’s disease and having owned a Shih Tzu. The victims were unnerved by the contact and told their mom when they got home.


Alert Officer Stops Bike Theft

An $800 Raleigh bike was stolen from a Weymouth  Cr. garage after having the chain cut off on the night of May 13. Before the owner knew it was gone, it had been recovered by a sergeant who saw it being ridden by a 23-year-old Bay Village man at 5:10AM on May 14. That sergeant had seen the suspect walking earlier; when questioned, the suspect could not give a good account of whose bike it was.  The owner was tracked down through an ID sticker from the bike store that sold it. The suspect was carrying an illegal length knife and was initially charged with Carrying Various Weapons. After the bike owner was found, additional charges of Receiving Stolen Property, Breaking and Entering, Possession of Criminal Tools, and Obstructing Official Business followed. He is already on probation for Felony Theft and Robbery.


Craigslist Theft

A 17-year-old Reeds Ct. boy lost $500 to a Craigslist fraudster when he put $500 on a prepaid money card. The victim wanted to buy a laptop and so sent the card info to the seller, who then took the money and never sent the merchandise. The theft was reported on May 14.


Missing Ring

An Oakwood Ln. woman’s $17,000 engagement ring has been missing since mid-December 2013. She thinks it may have been taken by any one of numerous tradesmen or delivery people who have been in/out of the house since then.


No Clues

A Westlake woman found the passenger window of her 1997 Toyota Camry broken while it was parked in a Crocker Rd. garage on May 12; nothing was taken.



A wheelbarrow worth $100 was taken from a Detroit Rd. jobsite on the night of May 13; no suspects.

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