Fairview Park Blues: Drunk Steals Kid’s Birthday Money

Fairview Park Police 1387552968Crying KidTalk about your desperate acts! Fairview Park police were called to a Lorain Road apartment on September 30 because of an intoxicated person causing a problem. Upon arrival, officers were told that a male had taken approximately $30 which the caller was saving up for his son’s birthday present. Officers approached the male who was in a drunken stupor. The money was located and returned to the caller. Attempts were made to get someone to accept responsibility for the 47 year old male, with no success. He was arrested for Disorderly Conduct: Intoxication and held until a responsible person arrived to take custody of him.

$8000 Gone!

A Macbeth Ave resident reported the loss of over $8000 from his bank account on Oct. 1. He had checked his account online and found a withdrawal, supposedly from a check, for the missing money. The bank stated the check was written out to a male in Florida and subsequently cashed there. Information for a report was obtained and follow up to be done by the detective bureau.

Pinecone Missiles

Police were called to Queen Anne’s Way on a report of juveniles throwing things at passing cars last week. Two nine year old boys were located and admitted to throwing pinecones at passing cars. Both boys were turned over to one of the mothers at the scene. No damage to any cars, parents to handle the situation with their sons.

Laundromat Theft

A patron of a Lorain Rd laundromat called to report the theft of his clothes last week. He had put them in the washer and while they were cycling, went across the street to his son’s residence. When he returned, his clothes were gone. A witness stated a female took the clothes and left in a red vehicle, possibly a Dodge. Hope he kept his pants on!

Theft from Auto

Police received several reports of vehicles entered in the Eastwood Ave/Elmore Rd area. Cleveland Police had recovered a laptop which was taken from one of the cars in Fairview. The entries occurred in the early morning hours. No suspects at this time.

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