North Olmsted Shoplifter Rings Ups 24 Cent Sale


A man was arrested at Home Depot in North Olmsted after he had rung up a 24-cent sale on top of allegedly pilfering a pile of tools.

The man, report police, said he took the items for a job he was doing and couldn’t afford to pay for them.

The case unfolded on 10/21/14 at approximately 1753 hrs. North Olmsted police were dispatched to respond to Home Depot at 26241 Great Northern Shopping Center.  An alleged male shoplifter had been detained by a loss prevention officer Jon Cook.

Cook stated that he observed the  man enter Home Depot and proceed to the hardware department. He said the man selected a Home Depot bucket and placed Dremel brand bits and cutting wheels and placed them in the bucket. He said the suspect  then took three Husky brand ratchets and also placed them in the bucket. The suspect then  proceeded to the kitchen department where he concealed the merchandise in his pants and sweatshirt before heading to the electrical department and concealing two dimmers.

He finally went to the front of the store and selected and purchased a wall plate for 24 cents but did not purchase the concealed merchandise.

As the man exited the store, he was apprehended. He was arrested and transported to NOPD jail for processing. He was charged with petty theft and given a Rocky River Court date.


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