Elderly Driver Rams Westlake Taco Bell

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A 2009 Subaru Outback driven by a 71-year old Rocky River man hit the Taco Bell building on Columbia Rd. at 12:08 PM on Dec. 2 report Westlake Police. The car caught fire and it spread to the building. No one was injured and the Westlake Fire Department put out the fire after all utilities were shut off. Hoses were laid across the road, requiring the closure of Columbia Rd.

Shoppers Scammed by Money Cards

A Turnburry Ct. couple wanted to buy a TV and fridge from the manufacturer’s website. Somehow they were redirected to unaffiliated toll-free numbers where the operators had them buy green dot money cards (total $4250). The card numbers were then given to the operators. When no merchandise was received, they complained to the manufacturer and were told that they had been scammed. The loss was reported on Nov. 28.

A Beaver Creek man was contacted by a credit bureau on Nov. 26 about a payday loan application taken out using his ID. This was news to him. When contacted by police, the payday loan company could not find info on any such application

Lots of Thievery

3 units at a Detroit Rd. storage facility were entered around 6:15PM on Nov. 28. CCTV shows a male driving a U-Haul truck (possibly with license plates from Canada) was involved. The locks were cut off the doors. $5000 worth of clothing and furniture was taken from one unit, another had nothing removed, and a third had a bike and pressure washer (total value $1000) stolen.

A Medina woman’s purse was taken after she set it down at a First St. business on Nov. 29 at 10:50PM. It was turned in to staff about 25 minutes later minus a $500 cell phone and $20 cash.

3 potted plants (total value $180) were taken from the outside display area of a Center Ridge Rd. business on the night of Nov. 29. A fourth one was knocked over.

A Cornerstone woman’s open garage was entered on Nov. 30 between 7:30PM-8PM by an unknown suspect(s) and her $50 cellphone, $12 cash, ID, $35 cigarette case, and cigarettes were taken off a small table.

A 22-year-old North Ridgeville man’s unlocked $400 bike was stolen from behind his workplace on Main St. during the evening of Nov. 30. He also had an active warrant from Lakewood PD and was turned over to that agency.

A Rose Rd. resident was awakened on Dec. 2 at 1:38AM by a suspect inside her neighbor’s garage rummaging through an unlocked 2012 Kia Sorrento. The suspect is an 18-20 year-old light skinned black male wearing a dark hoody and blue jeans. He was also carrying a blue and tan book bag. A pack of cigarettes was stolen. The suspect ran from the scene but was not found by Westlake and North Olmsted PDs officers who searched the area.

A purse containing $200 cash, 11 credit cards, gift cards worth $500, a checkbook, and misc. papers were taken from an unlocked 2013 Mercedes Benz GL4 while it was parked in the owner’s Stonehedge Dr. driveway. The theft occurred on the night of Dec. 1.

Nearby at a Walter Rd. home, two unlocked vehicles were gone through that same night. One was in the driveway and the other inside the unlocked garage. A GPS unit ($100), $2 cash, and a $750 walkie-talkie were taken.

The keys to a cashbox were taken from the desk of a Market St. business manager’s desk over the Thanksgiving weekend. $1474 cash was also taken from the cashbox.

3 freshly-delivered packages worth $180 were stolen from the front porch of a Cornerstone home on the afternoon of Dec. 2. Delivery service records indicate that the items were dropped off 30 minutes before the owner found they had been taken. On Dec. 1, UPS reported that a brown or tan van had been following one of their trucks around the Bradley-Schwartz Rds. area; it is unclear if these two incidents are related.

Welding supplies worth $3374 were stolen from a building under construction during the night of Dec. 2. The job site is on Crocker Rd..; the stolen property is green and black coated copper.

Cell Phone Injury

Ex-spouses recording each other with cell phone cameras during a child visitation drop-off led to the 50-year-old male grabbing the 43-year-old female’s phone on Nov. 29 at 10:35PM at his Hunters Chase Dr. apartment.  The woman reported her finger was hurt, and he gave the phone back later that night. The prosecutor will review the report for possible charges.


A resident reported a male looking in the bedroom window of her Detroit Rd. apartment on Dec. 2 at 5:51PM. He is described as white, approx. 35 years old, clean shaven, wearing a light colored knit cap and gloves.  He ran north after being spotted by the victim.

Holiday Party Pooper

A 24-year-old Cleveland man was found passed out in a First St. business’s closet at 11:58PM on Dec. 3. He had been attending his employer’s Christmas party. He was arrested for DCI.


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