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Eliza Jennings SaidoSAIDO Learning® is an innovative, non-pharmacological treatment that has been shown to improve the symptoms of memory loss among older adults with dementia.

As the expert in aging services with SAIDO Learning Centers on Cleveland’s west side and also Olmsted Township, Eliza Jennings is the first aging services organization in the United States to offer SAIDO Learning.

SAIDO Learning was developed by the Kumon Institute of Education (Kumon) of Osaka, Japan, in conjunction with Professor Ryuta Kawashima of the Smart Aging International Research Center (SAIRC) at Tohoku University in Sendai. It has been practiced for more than 12 years in more than 1,600 nursing facilities across Japan, showing stunning results in over 18,000 older adults.

The goal of SAIDO Learning is to not only provide care for individuals with dementia, but to actually reverse and slow the progress of the symptoms, thus improving their quality of life and ultimately reducing the cost of their care.

SAIDO Learning is clinically proven to improve the symptoms of dementia in older adults with cognitive impairment. This breakthrough life-transforming treatment is offered locally through Eliza Jennings.

The SAIDO Learning method involves a caregiver (called a “Supporter”) trained to work with two older adults (called “Learners”) by engaging them in scientifically determined arithmetic, writing and reading exercises designed to stimulate the prefrontal cortex for 30-minute sessions five times per week. The research trial was completed in mid-November 2011, but even before completion of the trial, dramatic improvements in the Eliza Jennings Learners were observed.

SAIDO Learning is provided five days a week to both Eliza Jennings residents and non-residents. Full-day and half-day programs are available at the SAIDO Learning Centers.

Eliza Jennings is the sole U.S. provider of training in the SAIDO Learning method. Since publicizing the partnership, nine sites across the country are implementing SAIDO Learning in their aging services organizations. “It is especially gratifying to note that SAIDO Learning is improving the quality of life of more than 200 older adults with dementia nationwide,” said Eliza Jennings Board Chair Rick J. Weigle, Jr.

Locally, Eliza Jennings SAIDO Learning Centers are located at the Eliza Jennings Health Campus, 10603 Detroit Ave. in Cleveland (216.325.1266) and The Renaissance Retirement Campus, 26376 John Road in Olmsted Township (440.235.7100).

To find out more about SAIDO Learning at Eliza Jennings, call 216.325.1266. Or visit saidolearning.com

“Mom’s quality of life clearly improved in noticeable ways. It was magical. She was almost her old self.”

“Following a session, a Learner said, ‘What’s happening here? I’m getting everything right!’ The ability to recognize her improved concentration motivates her to do more.”

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